Looks like the new video-enabled Yahoo app wasn't the only thing ripped out of the leaked ROM for the new T-Mobile myTouch - the T-Mobile TV app, which is no unfamiliar sight, has just been pulled out of the ROM as well.


As we can see in the screenshot above, the interface is quite slick, with a nice black bar along the bottom to select content providers (FOX News, MSNBC, ABC News, CNBC, ESPN, and NBC Sports from what's visible). Androinica claims that the service is powered by MobiTV, much like Sprint TV as well as AT&T's and Verizon's offerings, which is fine with me... or rather, it would be if it meant that T-Mobile would be able to make the service free. Alas, it begins with a thirty-day trial to lure you in, and after that, the carrier will charge you an additional $9.99 a month. Nevertheless, if you're the proud owner of a Nexus One or a G2, the app can be downloaded simply by clicking this link. And as for the rest of us... let's give it some time, yeah? 

Update: We've just received word from MobiTV confirming that T-Mobile TV will indeed be powered by their platform. Additionally, as Brett pointed out in the comments, the $9.99 monthly fee is for "premium channels," while "basic channels" remain free even after the 30-day trial period.

Source: xda-developers via Androinica

Jaroslav Stekl
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  • Brett

    I'm playing around with it now. The app seems very buggy and does not function well. It locks up and becomes completely unresponsive quite a bit. I did get to watch a few minutes of espn mobile on my N1, so that was nice. Can't wait for a more stable version. Also, the 30 day trial then 9.99 a month is for the "premium channels". You can still watch the basic ones for free.

  • james

    tried installing it on the MTS and as soon as it launches, it is oversized for the screen and wont let you proceed over the terms and agreements. :(

  • Brett

    Finally got it working smoothly. I think my phone was just running out of memory. After killing a few processes it works much better.

  • ricethief

    works on captivate on AT&T. buggy but not bad.

  • Mike

    I had installed MobiTV on my N1 previous and was very disappointed. Even 'live tv' wasn't live tv as was showing on the actual channel at all.

  • R

    yeah, but doesn't use your data bandwidth? i mean i get 200mb/mo for $10.00... won't i go overboard if i use that app?