A few days ago, Yahoo rolled out a version of the Yahoo Messenger for iOS that supported video chat and promised the same on Android shortly. Of course, we can't wait for "shortly" - that's entirely too long. Remember the Glacier/MyTouch ROM leak from yesterday? Turns out, it contains a full version of the Yahoo Messenger app, including video calling. Ripped out by the brave xda member matthewjulian, the app is available for download immediately (see below).


I installed the new app on my EVO 4G without a hitch and tested video calling with a PC version of Yahoo Messenger 10 on my Windows machine. The video call connected instantly and with no problems. Mind you, I tried both WiFi and 3G and had the same positive experience.

The app lets you switch between the front-facing and rear cameras with a press of the Flip button, and you can put the caller on hold by pressing Hold. The video of yourself shows up in a small rectangle on the bottom right, with the rest of the space occupied by the other party. Unfortunately, I don't have a camera connected to my PC, so the video was only going one way.

The top 3 screenshots showcase the Yahoo Messenger Android app, while the last one shows what I was seeing on my PC. Interestingly enough, the video coming out of the 1.3MP front-facing camera was sharper than what I was seeing from the rear 8MP one. Either way, it was pretty highly compressed - Yahoo clearly went for speed and lack of lag at the expense of quality. Turning on WiFi didn't change the quality - it was still pretty washed out.

snap20101018_235347_wm  snap20101018_235548_wm snap20101019_000003_wm

10-18-2010 11-57-37 PM_wm


The Yahoo Messenger Android app actually consists of 2 parts: the app itself and the video add-on.

If you have an xda account, you can download everything from the original forum thread; otherwise feel free to use Android Police mirrors below:

Source: xda via simms22

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  • tony gonzalez

    Video chatting does not work on my Droid1. Running an FRG22D ROM the yahoo messenger works find via text by when I want to use video chat it points to the market for an add on thats is not in the market.

  • k00ey

    Tested on D1, chatted with myself from pc and seems to work perfectly on both wifi and 3G. As the article mentions though, the quality is pretty bad. None the less, still an awesome rip & app

    Running SimplyStunning 4.8 rom

  • Doug Fiedor

    Great! I'm glad to hear it works well on the EVO and will have to download it to mine soon. Relatives in other states would like to see our new homestead and this will be a nice way to walk them through it.

  • klaydze

    Works perfectly in chat but i'm having problem when it comes to video calling. everytime i answer the call from my laptop it appear a camera with red line.

    i'm using a custom rom Chormatic Dream 4.5 Froyo 2.2. G1 user here.


  • paul

    I down loaded both apk files and. The video one won't let me open it, is there something else I need to do to install it? EVO 4G

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      You don't open the video one - it is just a video plugin for the main app.

      • paul

        Thank you, got it working great, now yahoo forced me update and won't work on evo anymore till they decide to do another update

  • Paul

    Havepurchased PC tablet Archos 7 for my wife and would like to video call when working away. I have a PB laptop running windows vista ( download to my nokia 6300 fring only allows text) Will this download apply to the Archos 7?

  • http://yahoo.com olatunji abayi

    Installation of yahoo messenger for video call coverage

  • Gary Verderamo

    Is anyone else having an issue (JellyBean) when in a video call you lose the ability to do the typing chat? If the person I am calling with sends me a message and I click the little black message window the video call gets disconnected.