You may envy those who have their hands on a Desire HD already, but early-adoption is rose-like with its obligatory thorns attached. Many owners on XDA-Developers are reporting issues with their phone's screen when making and receiving calls. Outbound calls appear to deactivate the screen permanently and render the phone entirely unresponsive,  save for a battery-pull and fresh boot. Receipt of calls conversely keeps the screen on and active, even when pressed against your ear.

The issue seems to be tied to the light-sensor , with some users noticing their device not experiencing the aforementioned problems in brightly-lit conditions. It seems like a buggy software implementation which should be quite easily fixed with an OTA, but it is unfortunate to see the device shipping with this misbehaviour included.

Thankfully users have discovered a temporary a work-around for the inert state the phone enters when making a call: inserting a headset into the headphone jack wakes the phone from its previously locked condition.

Follow the thread below for any further developments.

Source: XDA-Developers

Brian O'Toole
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  • andrew

    Hi, is this a software or hardware problem. Should I return the phone or wait for a fix?

    • Brian O’Toole

      I would guess it's a software problem, because of the headphone jack fix. Are you also experiencing the same problem?

  • Adrian Goulder

    I also have this problem, Its a right pain...

    Headphone socket insert/removal works but is a right faf

    I cant believe HTC shipped it out like this!

  • Mark

    Hopefully they'll be a bit quicker than Apple! Its a real pain.

  • Joe

    I just got my HTC Desire HD today and don't have this issue - in fact I didn't even know about the feature at all. It worked very well when I phoned vodaphone earlier, and it would disable the screen when up to my ear, and then enable it again when I took it away to select options.

    • Brandon

      I got mine at the HTC retail store here in Prague on launch day. I don't have this issue either.

  • SJ

    I read this on another forum... and can confirm it worked. There are some reports now that say blowing on the sensor fixes it. And if you're wondering, the sensor is to the right of the big speaker at the top of the phone.

    Alternatively, could have been a silent OTA done by HTC (hopefully). If it is an issue with dust on the sensor, then that's a serious design flaw.

    • Rav

      SJ: I just blew into the sensor and now the screen on/off feature works whilst in a call! Many thanks!

      • Marc

        Great advice. I was about to bin the phone, but the blowing technique appears to have solved the problem for now.

        Does this suggest a faulty sensor, rather than a software issue?

      • Leon

        Bingo! it works!!!

    • D

      U is a legend. Thanks.

  • Rav

    I bought my HTC Desire HD from Phones for you in the UK on the 16/10/10.

    It was working fine with the display turning off during a call (Phone to face) and then back on when I moved it away from my face.

    However over the weekend, I was making an outgoing call and the screen turned off and wouldnt turn back on again! I even pressed the power button on top and still wouldnt turn on!

    After a factory reset, the screen doesnt lock up anymore but the on/off display feature when moving the phone away from your face doesnt work anymore but remains on. Sometimes it goes off and I have to press the power button to turn it back on again.

    I will now get a new replacement as I'm within the 28 day return period. Hopefully I will get a fully functional phone now!

    Glad to know its not only me that has had this issue!

  • Matthew

    I got the update last week from HTC, but now the sensor doesn't work at all. The phone screen remains on all the time, while making a call. The update hasn't worked. Quite disappointed really.

    • Rav


      Yeh I had the same prob after the update.

      Not sure if anyone else has had a similar prob?

  • Bazza

    I have the same problem but can get the screen to come back by giving the phone a shake. Seems like a very physical solution to a software problem but it works for me.

  • Jason

    Help people I'm stuck. My desire HD was fine when I received it with regard to this issue, this has changed, the proximity sensor works fine on incoming calls but now doesnt work on outgoing calls. As soon as I hit the call button the screen goes out and nothing will bring it back on. To end the call I have to remove the battery! I havent been able to get the .3 or.6 update as when I plug the phone into the computer and select internet pass through, the phone doesnt think it needs an update but when I check it still has the old version of the software on there (1.28.405.1). In addition to this, the phone tells me it has internet pass through but I cant get connection to actually see any web pages.
    I've really had enough with trying to sort this phone out now, it has consumed the entire last two weeks of my spare time just learning my way round and coming up against a million brick walls. The hopeless connection speed that t-mobile are giving me doesnt help either. I will be back on their cases on monday regarding that.
    I've now put the software update on my desktop in the hope I can somehow get the phone to receive it. What to do? Anyone any ideas??

  • Leon

    Hi guys!
    Wonderful and funny. the problem was really fixed by blowing the uppper part of the screen. I had an awful day because of screen locking on outbound calls, but now after googling i have found the solution. The funniest solution in all my mobile phone experience. Just blow the dust away...

  • Barry

    Hi All,
    Got my phone SIM free at launch, this problem appeared after about 14 days. Spent several days trying to figure it out, tried everything. Have the update, it makes no difference.
    I used a free app called 'sensor dump' to confirm that the proximity sensor was not working.
    Spoke to HTC today and they suggested sending it back... pretty unhelpful really.
    Just tried the blow in the sensor fix and it works.... You can see the sensor working fine in sensor dump and it works as expected when in a call.
    Thanks to whoever found this

  • Rej

    i dont know if anyone else is having this problem, my new HTC Desire HD unit is not latching on to my provider's signal. My iphone with the same provider, at the same location gets strong signal?

    • Mark

      I have the desire hd on three network and I am also having signal issues. My wife has the HTC wildfire on three and is getting signal in places where my hd isn't but my Nokia e65 does. I'm not happy and hope HTC can fix this as I'm now stuck on a 24 month contract.

  • vetle thorstensen

    hey ! i have some problems whit the rotation about the mp ! it only rotate one way ! one day i suddenly comes over g-sensorkalibrator on screen adjusting !! what to do !!! HELP

  • Deepak Kandpal

    Guys hope the blewing stuff is nt a pluding joke here :):):)

    I'm using it without any such issues.

    thanks in advance

  • Kev the Toad

    The blowing thing works!

    Excellent :o)

  • John

    Isn't there any way to turn off the feature alltogether? Blowing doesn't work for me, and the Drop Down And Give Me Twenty app proves that the proximity sensor is dead. I can live with the screen not going off while speaking, but I cannot live with removing the batteries after each call.

  • her

    I had same issues, the proximity sensor seemed to be working in the begenning, but the more i used to make calls, the easier it was to say it wasn't working very well. Ideally the sensor should bring back display within 1-2(max) seconds of moving your phone away from your ears. If it's not it's a hardware defect, return it for a replacement, or to serice center. I did mine and got a new replacement, and realized the feature is really cool, rather than the pain it seems to be if not working properly.

  • john

    I have had nothing but issues with mine the screen doesn't go off when making a call, my weather doesn't work battery life is poor, sometimes I have a text it won't notify me it will only appear if I click messages, good phone but so many niggles that just ruin it rather frustrating

  • Jameshill

    My phone Desire HD went for repair on the 8th of August (The phone was previously replaced by Orange)has had two repairs and has been replaced once. When the phone was replaced it took 4 weeks to be delivered after being sign-off by a manager at the centre. I was told by one of the repair centre staff that he didn't think a new phone would fix my GPS issue. I requested that the phone be changed for a newer model. I spoke to a person at the repair centre and was informed that no phone has been sent out to me although i was told a week ago that a phone was being sent out last week and that i would receive it within a few days. This was not true. I sent an email to the repair centre informing them that i intend taking legal action to recover the cost of the phone and expenses incurred. The following is taken from their reply:

    "We can confirm that your case is being dealt with some priority since my last communication but the rebuild of the new refurbish unit is taking in place and resent after passing the quality control. In while, I need to remind you, to not build any expectations regarding your recent request, that HTC is not liable to refund phone calls, contracts and unlocking fees. Please see the Disclaimer of Warranty & Limit of Liability for more details."

    I am taking this an insult and will publish this response on all forums on the internet that i can find that publish mobile communication information. I have also been asked to forward any communications to Watch Dog and the Guardian news paper.

    This is not a one off incident as i have read many forums that have published information on a GPS issue with the Desire HD and i have tested several phone belonging to friends and found that they have the same issue. I have owned 5 other HTC phones without issue and i like your product and am very disappointed that i will not feel comfortable purchasing another.

    I have over a year outstanding on my Orange contract and feel that even when you send me a refurbished unit (not a new one as originally promised) i will still have the same issue. I am now at a point that further communication with your company is not only pointless it will only make me feel more frustrated. I no longer wish to own a desire HD because of these issues i have stated this on several occasions and would have thought that it would have been good customer service to have listed to this in the interest of keeping a good customer.

  • aatmiya

    I have a problems on calling
    While i call some one my loudspeaker only works the hedset dont works