One lucky Dutch guy (xda member Clock1932) has swept aside any considerations of failed Google "Type Approval" testing and has gotten his paws on what many are calling "the EVO for Europe." Not so fast: while it may lack a kickstand, a 4G radio, and a front facing camera, its new Qualcomm Snapdragon QSD8255 CPU appears to be quite a step up when it comes to benchmarks. Preliminary tests show a result of  about 1900, compared to about 1200 on an EVO 4G running Froyo.

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Speaking of snappiness, HTCSense.com is reportedly working nicely, with the "Call My Device" feature making the phone ring almost immediately. There is also mention of the new HTC Fast Boot technology, which is said to take around 1-1.5 seconds to boot from the hibernation mode, with a cold reboot taking roughly half a minute.


Followers of the developments have been commenting on the dubious camera bulge on the back of the Desire HD, with some expressing concerns over lens scratches and other possible damage. Thankfully, the lens is recessed and hopefully will not prove to be an issue.

Another xda poster, BartOtten, has compiled a post of the various details gleaned from Clock1932's time with the device, as well as some high-resolution photos of the sumptuous screen and photos and video clips from the camera. Check them out in the (19 page and growing) forum thread below.

Source: xda-developers

Brian O'Toole
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  • azumihk

    use the lag fix on evo and u sit aorund 2250 :)

    • Aaron Gingrich

      I'm not sure why the constant response to quoting a phone's *stock* quadrant score is to reply that you can mod another phone to beat it. That's like saying a Toyota Camry may have less power than a Ford Mustang V8, but you can turbo it and it's more powerful... it's an apples to oranges comparison. The point is, the new iteration of the snapdragon in the HD kicks the snot out of the EVO's.

      • John

        Except that modding it doesn't cost you any money and is super easy.

        If that was the case with modding cars, everyone would be doing it.

        • Brian O’Toole

          Either way, it's illogical to compare stock vs mod.

        • BobbyPhoenix

          Most of the people in the world will look at a phone to get, and maybe compare scores, but most won't want to, or even know how to mod it, so really can only compare stock scores. If my phone is better than your phone I will buy it, BUT that is comparing only stock scores, and that's the way it should be. And that's the bottom line cause Android said so.

  • Symdroid

    Which phone is more powerful? Samsung i9000 or the HTC Desire HD?

    • Brian O’Toole

      The CPU of the HD is probably more powerful but the i9000's SGX540 GPU is insanely potent.

      Edit: AndroidAndMe benchmarked the new Adreno 205 and the SGX540, they look about even with the DHD's chip having a slight lead in most tests. The Galaxy S device was running Éclair though which may have dragged it down a bit.

  • tarman

    I'm gonna install a NOS kit and cold air intake on my Droid Eris and then we'll see who has the fastest phone.

    But seriously, that's some impressive speeds.

  • http://narutosoul.com Rolph

    Samsung locked the GPU of the Galaxy S at 54 framerates a second. Thus, there won't be much of a difference compared to the Adreno 205 processor, even though the GPU of the Galaxy S is more powerful. I wonder why Samsung did this...

  • John Doe

    *sighs* While I know I will LOVE the Evo when it arrives in the next few weeks I can't help but fantasizing about having that shell. Its borderline sexual. Oh well.