Motorola has acknowledged the complaints of a number of DROID X owners who have upgraded to Android 2.2 and are experiencing "issues" related to the update. Some of the issues are minor, but a couple (failure to boot, kernel panic) are definitely not. Motorola is saying the bugs have been squashed, but the fixes will be incorporated into a yet-to-be-announced "future software release." Here's what a Moto employee on the DROID X support forum had to say:

If you have already upgraded to 2.2 for Droid X, you have found some new capabilities. Unfortunately, some owners also found new issues.  Here are some of the known issues raised by forums members, with some information about each. It is not intended to be a complete list at this time -- there are many more fixes and improvements in the works. I’ll update this list as information becomes available.

  • Stuck on Moto logo after reboot – this was tough on a few owners. Very sorry about that. A fix has been developed for this and should eliminate the problem. It will be distributed in a future software release. If you are still experiencing this issue, click here.
  • Random rebooting – while there always seem to be new conditions that can cause an electronic device to panic, we do have improvements coming that address and eliminate identified panic states. They will be distributed in a future software release.
  • WiFi connection and stability – improvements in WiFi have been developed, to address several problem areas. They will be distributed in a future software release.
  • Battery Manager “force close” errors – under some circumstances, pressing the battery icon under Menu > Settings > Battery Manager results in a forced close error. A fix has been developed for this and should eliminate the problem. It will be distributed in a future software release.
  • Media won’t play – includes “sorry the player does not support this type of audio file," custom ringtone stop working, video won’t play, etc., until after a reboot. We believe we have identified the cause of these errors. A fix has been developed for this and should eliminate the problem. It will be distributed in a future software release.
  • Music files cutting off the final four seconds or so – a solution has been developed. It will be distributed in a future software release.

At this time I don't have information about when the next software update will be available -- when I have it, I'll share it here.

This seems to confirm many of the issues our commenters pointed out.

It's good to see Motorola responding to the issues of users directly, but this is why I would advocate for device manufacturers to use bigger test groups when releasing major updates: you simply get more user feedback. The nice thing about beta testing is that the people you give the software to are inherently aware it may cause their phone to go berserk. The problem with small test groups is that you simply don't get a big enough slice of the user ecosystem to ensure that all issues have been addressed, and things like this happen.

As we know, Motorola isn't too happy when their test builds get leaked, but I think a few hundred geeks downloading an unfinished update isn't something Motorola should really worry about. At least not more than an officially pushed OTA update bricking a customer's phone.

Source: Motorola via Droid-Life

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  • http://G-mail Persuader

    If you have corrected Software from the 2.2 you should be DOWNLOADING IT NOW>>>

    Then have a Follow up with another...this is not good Business Practices making Customers Wait...

    No Excuses....Just Do It!!

  • TMills

    I want android 2.1 back, 2.2 absolutely ruined my droid x, and I have done a factory reset just to get it were I can actually use it. After the factory reset everything works but takes forever to load or start anything.

  • PWOB

    I have wanted to like my Droid X and the android OS but there is nothing more retarded that advertising a phone and system that claim to be open that aren't. I don't like to treat my phone like a hobby I just want it to work. I hate Apple having a stranglehold on function but as soon as iPhone comes to verizon I'm going back. What good is a faster processor if the stupid phone doesn't work half the time? and no big deal that my songs get cut off all day long, its not like I really wanted to listen all the way through anyway, WTF?

  • Jim

    i had 2.1. it worked great.

    i decided to go to 2.2 because everyone was saying how much better it is.


    stalls. won't switch from landscape to portrait. locks up.

    they _seriously_ need to fix this.

    it is worse than the original vista.

  • waitj

    Verizon has really disappointed me with their handling of the buggy 2.2 software release. I'm tired of checking to see if they have the OTA update to fix the 2.2 bugs all the time! I also hate having to swipe the screen lock every time to get to my pattern security lock; 2.1 didn't have that problem. You say you have the fixes, then put them out to your customers so we can move on or at least let us know when you will release the fixes. For one of their major top of the line android phones, you would thnk they would respond a lot quicker. Verizon, you are going to lose customers if you keep it up, I for one. Droid X

  • http://n/a googlesearcher

    Has this problem been fixed?

  • Jim

    they released a new version of 2.2 about 2 weeks ago (it is actually called system version 2.3.340 . . . in settings, about phone).

    yes, the problems are solved although switching from landscape to portrait part is still a bit problematic. other than that, my phone is back to working well.