Is it that time already? Like clockwork, HTC has released the source code for the G2 - only this time, it doesn't appear that they're being very vocal about it. Instead, a few G2 enthusiasts in the #G2ROOT channel on Freenode have managed to find it while digging through HTC's site.

While we've already seen custom ROMs up and running on the G2, the source code should make ROMmers jobs a little easier. Think you'd like to take a crack at it? Hit up that source link to download it and get to work.

[Source: HTC Thanks for the tip, Mitch Z!]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • Daniel

    Good Read. Thanks

  • sofia

    I want to know if my htc G2 has any games on it.I got it yesterday but i cant find any games on it. I would really like to know, if not i will return it.