Well, this is interesting: TmoNews is claiming that the myTouch 3G will receive an update to Android 2.2 (Froyo) starting tomorrow. If true, the rollout will be staggered - beginning tomorrow and running until October 25. An important note, though: they provide absolutely no details on how they found this out, and the only image they use dates back to June when we heard the same damn thing.


TmoNews has a pretty decent record as update leaks go, but without any details, it's hard to know whether or not this is one to back.  Still, let's hope it's true - but take it with a grain of salt. We've pinged them for clarification, but they wouldn't disclose their sources.

[Source: TmoNews]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • Mike

    Will this also effect the mytouch slide, thats what i have

    • james

      just read the article on Tmonews.com and it's mainly for the mt3g 1.0 (aka the first my touch) devices, all others will get their updates later on down the road. which sucks because i got the mytouch slide as well and i hope they update it to look more "vanilla"

  • Mike

    I'm with you james

  • ThatsDave

    Just got a text message from T-Mobile this morning. It said:
    456: Free T-Mobile MSG: Over the next two weeks, a 2 part Froyo Android OS upgrade will be sent to your myTouch 3G. Details: http://www.t-mobile.com/myTouch-MR

    Woohoo! So it's authentic, after all...

  • RBarton

    Just got a text message today stating "Over the next two weeks, a 2 part Froyo Android OS upgrade will be sent to your myTouch 3G." Cant wait! I live in Central Florida