According to news website TheStreet, Google may be finally relenting on the Google Checkout-only system currently employed in the Android Market by letting PayPal in on the action. This is a facility that users have demanded for some time, and the ubiquity and convenience of PayPal payment should be a nice incentive for people to buy apps if they have not done so before. TheStreet also speculates that this new payment option may be the final piece of the puzzle in the long-awaited Google Music project, allowing for seamless payment from your device or PC. An announcement at PayPal's October 26th conference in San Francisco is expected to unveil this new partnership.

The Google and PayPal partnership may also come as a shot across the bows following the news of an eminent Amazon App Market for Android. Amazon does not support payment through PayPal, and this development could allow Google to trump Amazon when it comes to ease-of-payment in the forthcoming market-wars.

With Google recently expanding paid-app support to 20 more countries, this news serves to bolster the image of the rather beleaguered Android Marketplace and gives us hope that, perhaps, there may be more improvements to come.

Source: TheStreet via TalkAndroid

Brian O'Toole
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  • http://www.beaverjournal.com Benjamin

    This is a big mistake by Google...... If they let Paypal in then Google Checkout will process far less payments and essentially this will kill Google Checkout.

    • http://www.wix.com/Gigitsu/Gigitsu/Home GigiAUT

      I see it differently. Introducing PayPal will give all the Android users (like myself) who don't own credit cards the chance to buy apps. I've personally gritted my teeth a few times when I tried to buy an app but scrapped the idea because I couldn't pay. I'm sure I'm not the only one who will start buying more and more apps with PayPal in the game.