Today, Google flipped the switch on paid app purchases in more countries, such as India, Sweden, and Denmark, just as promised, and with that came another subtle, yet important, change. Instead of showing prices in developers' native currencies, all application prices are now converted on the fly into your own currency.

Here's what the Market looks like for me in the US now - notice the tilde (~) symbol next to converted prices:

snap20101005_034820_wm snap20101005_034839_wm

Here is Sweden:


And here's Denmark:


Image credits: [1] [2]

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  • OFI

    But which currency does it charge you in?

    My bank charges me more than the cost of most apps to buy in foreign currencies..

  • Steve

    In Israel, the Shekel symbol shows as a square (i.e. character cannot be displayed) - even though I have Hebrew installed.

  • Steve

    Also, did anyone notice? When I went in to the market today I had a "Update all" button, even though I have 2.1!!
    And it worked!!