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To offset the not so successful news of the Samsung Vibrant's supposedly (but not actually) GPS-fixing update, Samsung has just rolled out software version S:D700.0.5S.DI18 for the king of the Galaxy S ring, the Epic 4G for Sprint. It isn't FroYo, but it does introduce a number of important fixes, including:

  • an issue where the battery would drain as a result of the cell modem continuously searching for available networks while on standby
  • an issue with 3G upload speeds
  • an issue with Amazon not being able to download music over 4G
  • an issue where large emails would be slow to upload

The update will be rolling out over the next few days and will be available in typical over-the-air fashion, with Sprint citing download times of around seven to eight minutes. Good stuff! Next up: frozen goodness? Time is ticking, Samsung!

Source: Sprint Forums via Engadget

Jaroslav Stekl
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  • a

    We wish it were?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/jaroslav-stekl/ Jaroslav Stekl

      In this case I believe "was" would be correct since it's agreeing with "it" rather than "we." I could be wrong, however, so please correct me if so.

      • Johnny

        Your are wrong, because it is a statement about wishing something contrary to fact, not a statement about what happened in the past. In this case "We wish it were..." is grammatically correct. "We wish it was..." would be correct if a different meaning were intended. Research the English subjunctive for information about this often-misunderstood topic.

  • Steve

    Has there been any enhancement to the GPS issues many are reporting on the various user forums, or is this continuing the debacle? Someone should post a video saying the GPS is fixed so Samsung will announce it tomorrow just like the Captivate fiasco...

  • NYC_dave

    The GPS issue on the Epic or the Galaxy S variants is not universal. My Epic 4G has ZERO GPS issues from day one that i've had it. Works perfect with Google Navigator and CoPilot Live anytime i've ever needed to use it.

    • Steve

      I have had almost no issue with the Navigation programs either (other than random re-routes that will fix themselves because of the way the device is determining the location from the data from the chip, it extrapolates position between actual data), because they "snap to"the road. Try watching the cursor/locator in Maps, or use MyTracks or any other jogging/hiking app that doesn't snap to the road, then you will see how "crazy" the GPS goes, when HTC and Motorola products do not do this. Use the apps GPS Status and GPS Test to evaluate the accuracy and time to lock and strength of signal, there is a difference between the brands, or rather, between the Galaxy S line and every other smartphone out there. It may not be universal, but based on the prevalence of realizations/complaints about them and the nature of the data given in the complaints, held against the lack of full tests showing a GPS on par with the other manufacturers, it tells me that this is across the line and some people's devices are better optimized than others. HTC and Moto phones are able to get 6.6 foot (2 meter) accuracy quickly and reliably, whereas these devices seem capped at 16.4 foot (the most accurate I have ever achieved or seen/heard about achieved) after a minute or so, and hence the re-routes and "jumpy" performance.
      I also firmly believe it is a driver and/or firmware issue because the chip "sees" the same satellites (usually) as the other brands, and with the same signal strengths (SNR value in GPS Test), so it is totally fixable, whenever Samsung feels like devoting actual time and energy to it, and quits denying it.

    • Steve

      @jpf321 the arrows are your data connection, and showing when data is being transferred. On the Captivate and Vibrant the OTA symbol is to the left and is a red and blue dual opposed arrow pointing diagonally from lower left to upper right. Plus, you will receive a notification about the update, and a dialog box will appear at which you have the choice to install the update now or later, so you will know when you get the update.

      Also, the baseband updates are incremental, but the released builds are not necessarily sequential, so you are probably at the correct baseband (I don't know the current number for the Epic)

  • jpf321

    i'm in NYC on Sprint with Epic 4G .. my baseband version is S:D700.0.5S.DI07 .. should I be that far behind if the new rev is DI18?

    Also what does it mean when I have 2-arrows in a circle in the notification bar at the top closer to the SigStrength bars? Is that an OTA? I have seen that twice in 2days.