If there's one man with an inside line in the mobile industry, it's mobile-review.com's  Editor-in-Chief Eldar Murtazin. This guy has a network of informants rivalling any national security agency you'd care to name.

The latest subject of his (occasionally spurious) tweeting is Samsung's family of Super-AMOLED phones, namely the Wave and Galaxy S. Eldar seems to have some insight into the production and stock of S-AMOLED panels, leading him to think that neither of the two aforementioned phones are in production anymore because of S-AMOLED scarcity.

Murtazin goes on to indicate that the Galaxy S line does not have an immediate replacement in the pipeline (dash our hopes), and that all current stock of Samsung's stunning new screen tech has been sold to Apple for a product release in 2011.


Thankfully the carrier versions of the Galaxy S phones do not seem to be affected as of yet, but this news surely implicates their future also. While these rumours aren't exactly the most palatable, it would be foolish in the extreme to ignore anything Eldar has to say on the subject of industry inside-baseball.

Source: @eldarmurtazin [1][2][3]

Brian O'Toole
Having learnt his writing techniques reading e-Books of Sherlock Holmes, Brian now spends his time /kicking, lurking, SSHing and encoding.
  • Digitalthug

    Yup. Looks like I'm gonna be sticking with my vibrant installing a front facing camera and calling it a day until next summer after which samsung would have a opened up another super amoled factory. I cant see myself getting another phone that does not have super amoled.

  • Darkseider

    OK this guy is smoking some serious crack. The Galaxy S line overall has been the best selling phone Samsung has ever made. They have broken records in Korea. They are selling like made in the US across all four carriers and like gangbusters in Europe. So they sell all S-AMOLED to Apple? LOL! Must be for that Verizon iPhone coming in 2011. NOT!

    • TQ

      Does captain inside-line have the info that Samsung is bringing a new plant online in 30 to 60 days that will produce a cool MILLION of these amoled screens -- per day? (Because that little tidbit might be a factor...)

  • Peter

    Samsung mobile display is a joint venture between Samsung electronics and Samsung SDI. SDI has the upper hand in the management of it supply.

    So in way, Samsung is both a competitor and a supplier at the same time to Apple. It's a very unusual relationship that I'm sure Apple doesnt particularly like. But what can you do when Samsung mobile display has over 98% of the amoled display market share.

  • Pachi

    Those superamoled panels sold to apple better have 330dpi or higher.