The T-Mobile G2 is one of the most anticipated Android devices to hit the market this fall, and while the release date is still a bit over a week away (October 6th), T-Mobile stores are already receiving their stock.

The following pictures appeared on TmoNews today showing the G2 in its full glory. Feast your eyes on this bad boy (oh, why must it look so sexy?) and then grab your own via the best deal on the web: the Wirefly preorder for $150 out the door (no tax or shipping charges).

image image image

image image image


Who's picking one up?

Who's picking up a G2?

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Source: TmoNews

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  • Darkseider

    Do my eyes deceive me or is that vanilla Froyo in those screenshots?

  • Superfrag

    It is vanilla froyo. :)

  • dragongunner

    As an owner of the Nexus One with the ability to change roms at will, I can basically have any phone I want. That being said the G2 does look pretty sweet. Have fun new owners.

  • Inspiron41

    it has more window screens than the nexus one

  • Angel

    Looks sweet, and I so want it, but T-Mobile has disabled tethering, so...Me and my Nexus One will continue to be best friends.

    • Jaroslav Stekl

      Oh, I'm sure someone over at xda-developers (or maybe even our own Justin Case) will be able to take care of the tethering issue; I'd be more worried about the camera. Hopefully that's been improved from the Nexus One!