BoyGeniusReport just got a nice clear photo of the HTC Merge, a device we may or may not have seen pass through the FCC with a red keyboard, better known as the dual-mode QWERTY slider for Verizon. The phone appears to be running Sense, and is now rocking a rather svelte brushed-metal style keyboard - one with a markedly different layout to the G2.


There's also the whole Bing thing. It seems that Microsoft have a deal with Verizon to shove Bing onto any phones without the DROID branding. Which is pretty strange, considering the whole black-and-red colour scheme the Merge has got going on, making it look like it really should be a DROID. The known specs include a 5 Megapixel camera, a 4" screen, a MSM7630 CPU (same as in the T-Mo G2/Desire Z), and not a whole else.

I don't know about you, but I'm starting to agree with Jaroslav's editorial: 3rd parties should learn to leave Android untouched.

Source: BoyGeniusReport via Engadget

Brian O'Toole
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  • Shadow

    It's a beautiful handset, as we've come to expect from HTC. But why, oh why, do carriers always have to load them up with useless software? Clipping Android's wings is only hurting the customer. And for what? Some cash out of Redmond's pocket?
    I see where Verizon stands. They don't mind hurting their customers for a few extra bucks. Much like AT&T. Sad, really. I thought Android had a chance with Verizon's excellent ad campaign and large pool of existing customers. But those things can't save them if their phones are running a crippled version of Android.
    Whatever happened to the good old days when Droids ran stock Android with no modifications to Android itself?

  • Lazarus

    I suppose there's only one solution, and that's for the advanced users (i.e., pretty much anybody who reads this site) to root the bloody things and get rid of all the useless crapware that way. But it's a shame it's come down to that.

  • Mike

    @ Lazarus - Agreed. Rooting and Titanium Backup or custom ROMs are the only and true way to go.

  • PeterMang

    Not what I was expecting. Not when there are HTC Evo 4gs and HTC Desire HDs out in the market already.

    There is nothing sexy about this phone compared to the Evo or Desire HD.

    If this is the HTC phone Verizon will get I will be looking at Samsung or another wireless carrier.

    AND BING!!!

    Big disappointment.

    Is Verizon and HTC ignoring the great results the HTC Evo 4g produced for Sprint.

  • elena hastings

    what does it cost?