After we posted that Verizon had begun their rollout of the Froyo update for the Droid X yesterday, a number of people told us they were having issues with music and ringtones on their devices. As this seems to be more than an isolated incident, we pinged Verizon to check if they were aware of the issue or had anything in the works. Unfortunately, all we received back was a curt "We're looking into it."


It doesn't seem to be affecting more than a minor percentage of users, so it's likely most people updated without a hiccup. Still, this is the only time we've had multiple users complain of the same bug on an update (at least, in recent memory).

In any case, we'll be sure to update you if we hear anything.

Aaron Gingrich
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  • jeremiah

    I had the same issues I shut the off waited a minuteand turned it back on. It solved my issues no problems since.

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Evidently, the issue comes back over time - or that's the experience others have had, anyway. Maybe you'll be lucky :)

      • Tammy

        Anyhow fellow Droid X Users...
        I just wanted to say that I had so many problems after Froyo update that I considered returning it (because a phone is useless if may not be able to answer calls).

        but I'VE FELL BACK N LOVE WITH MY DrOId X!!!!! Wooohooo!!!! Here's what I did... A factory reset saved the day.

        I shut down my phone.
        Took out memory card.
        Turned back on.
        Went n2 privacy & unchecked both boxes to back up.
        Then hit Factory Reset.
        When it starts, bypass every thing (do l8r or wasted your time with this...so no string up accounts etc yet)
        Then *228 Option 1
        Finally your phone is feeling like when you took it out the box but even faster. LOOK AND YOU'LL SEE THAT FROYO UPDATE IS STILL THERE.


        • Will

          I just did a battery pull and it fixed a mountain of issues. Pandora, Youtube videos, stock music player, were all not working properly (ie not at all) after update. I had my alarm set to go off with music in the morning. Needless to say I woke up because the phone couldnt play the music. After I did a battery pull it fixed all of these. I was about ready to switch back to crapberry, luckily this worked!! MOTODROID X

  • liam

    I've had no problems since the update, everything is faster smoother. Hell I'm even getting more battery life! I love 2.2 :)

  • bcwentworth

    My motorola date/time widget does not keep accurate time since update:

    • Chris

      Mine does the same thing. I've tried to turn the phone off and restart, but it only fixes problem for a few minutes. Any advice?

      • http://Google Dave

        I had the same problem and started using the mixing app instead. I haven't had any problems since. Use Mixing app :)

  • Kerry

    The issue is fixed with a reboot by either battery pull, turning off the phone, or system rebooting in boot up mode. There are also gallery video issues as well I have had with my phone however, once I rebooted the issue was fixed. However my 3g kept fluctuating which does not get fixed by a reboot.

  • D

    Whenever I try to record video, the camcorder app crashes.

    • SP

      I had the same happening to me. Turned out to be Pandora, even after their recent update. When Pandora is running in the background, the camcorder crashes. After I force stop Pandora, the camcorder works just fine.

      • KI74

        SP, thank you. I've been having issues with my camera for a while. Sometimes it would be fine and other times it would crash when I hit record. Never would have guessed Pandora was the problem.

  • O

    Songs played from my SD card skip randomly, this has not been fixed with 2 battery pulls. At one point, it would not recognize any of my music until I did another battery pull.

    3G keeps fluctuating. Again, this hasn't been fixed with the battery pulls.

  • Dennis Sison

    My gallery refuses to load properly. Since the camera and editing apps are some of my favorite features of the Droid X, it's left me quite frustrated. I can't appreciate any of the improvements at the moment. Has anybody found a way to solve this problem? I've rebooted, battery pulled, edited file names, lumped all pics into my camera directory. I don't know what else to do.

  • Jake

    When I updated, I began to notice my apps began force closing, and my camera shows nothing but black, video and picture

    • Tammy

      Read above what I've done. I had all those same problems PLUS... NOW loving my Droid X all over again:)

  • Dave

    Battery manager force closes and phone randomly reboots after the droid x 2.2 update

  • shane

    I want 2.1 back!!! 2.2 has too many issues on my Droid X

    • jdog78

      I agree. I really dont appreciate 2.2. 2.1 was just swell.

    • Tammy

      Read above what I've done.

  • Bobo

    A list of Droid X 2.2 official update bugs (found so far)

    - Texts delete but threads don't.
    - Texts out of order datewise
    - Missing option to turn off lock screen (was an option in 2.1)
    - Haptic feedback is too short in some cases
    - Sliding between home screens isn't as smooth as 2.1. Seems to skip a little.
    - Contact names seem to be picked from linked profiles at random. Doesn't keep the contact name that is provided by the user (a bug carried over from 2.1)
    - My Verizon app does not install from Market. Downloads .apk file to downloads folder of SD card but doesn't actually install program to phone
    - Some apps don't quit when killing them with Advanced Task Killer (an issue for ATK app developer but I thought I'd bring it up anyway)
    - Transition takes a little too much time to go from Programs back to Home
    - No comma on the same button as the period anymore on the keyboard (was there in 2.1)
    - Needs an option to set Google contacts as default when opening contacts (I don't wanna have to see ALL of the contacts such as Facebook and Twitter)
    - Social Networking button on Contact quick tasks widget turns blurry when widget is in a horizontal size
    - When in camera the side menu didn't want to show itself in some instances

    I'm sure there's more but this is it for now. I know most Droid X users have noticed these same issues and are annoyed by them. Hopefully Motorola with fix all of these issues ASAP. This is an awesome phone but these bugs hold it back from being even more awesome.

    • jdog78

      I agree with ur list. The comma is a huge issue as well as the ATK. Also my pics and videos suddenly deleted and all I can do is blame it on 2.2

    • Tammy

      Yes... I had all those problems.
      Look what I've done that made me fall in love with my DX all over again. My comment is under AARON 9/23. Hope it helps you.

  • joseph c

    Im so damn kissed with the whole froyo crap. If people just let moto work all the bugs out we would have been better off. BUT people cry for everydamn reason and boom froyo is here and its crap so meant damn issues that I didn't have before. I hope all that pushed for the release are happy. I got a paper weight. Now I can't even use my phone write my sound sucks my net didn't work. Wifi. Kicks in and out. Touch screen. Is laggy and keypad sucks the list goes on. I pray for a way to go back to 2.1 without a root. I could use my cellphone then

  • G Man


  • Ryan

    I updated my Droid X to 2.2 yesterday and it was an immediate brick. I unfortunately fell victim to the dreaded Motorola "M"screen of death. Apparently a similar issue happened with their original Droid update rollout. I love my phone but looks like Verizon/Motorola is batting .000. I seriously think Verizon should get off this whole ideology of "lets lock the OS down" and allow their hardware to don Google's real operating system... The way it was meant to be.

  • John

    After the update my phone randomly reboots and has kicked me from a phone call to the locked home screen.

    • jdog78

      ive experienced the exact same issues.

  • craig

    mp3 player acts like it's filling up swap or /var with data so the more you play the more erratic it gets until you have to force a full reboot or worse, pull the battery to get any reaction at all!

  • Aaron Gingrich

    Wow guys, sorry to hear you're all having problems. Looks like there are more users affected than we initially thought. We'll ping Verizon tomorrow and see if any progress has been made.

  • Dustim

    Camera and videocamera closes when pressing record. phone freezes when settings are not on auto for hdmi ouput and you try to play video. Browser seems slower. Also wont let me zoom in or out on a web page sometimes, other times it will. Not a fan of 2.2

  • Tammy

    Look under Tammy 9/27 to see what I did after my phone had me contemplating a return... I love this big lil thing all over again. HOPE IT HELPS EVERYONE BCUZ WE DO HAVE ONE OF THE TOP PHONES OUT THERE:) . *LOVING MY DROID X*

  • Rhavontee

    My phone is way worse since the 2.2!! The only thing good about it its flash which isn't all that impressive.i hope they acknowledge this problem soon and I forgot to merton that I can't even use my gallery to look at pictures our video

  • Tom

    I have problems with music playback. Before 2.2, my alarm used to play music. Now, all music players including the stock and the one from doubleTwist give an error saying "Sorry the file does not exist anymore" even though the file is there on the SD card when connecting through USB?!

  • Rob

    It does come back over time and it's a real pain

  • Siebes

    I also have these issues with my Droid X after Froyo update. The MP3 audio playback cuts out and my phone has completely locked up several times while playing music and then taking calls. I had to remove the battery 5 times since my update. I also have an issue where I can't hear audio at all during phone calls. The calls connect and I can even call people, but nothing comes out of the phone headset speaker. Phone reboot is required to fix this. I got rid of my Iphone 3G because I was so annoyed by the IOS 4.0 issues caused on the 3G. Now, I'm having the same issues on my Droid X. Factory reset to fix this? Really? So annoying...

  • http://Androidpolice Duane

    Great advice Tammy!! Everyone needs to take her suggestion and do what she did!! It worked GREAT for me!! Thanks!!

  • Jeremy

    Did everything Tammy recommended, still can't play music on my X. Never a problem before updating to 2.2.

  • Vladimir

    Since Upgrading my DriodX to Froyo 2.2 My music player is useless. It freezes the phone to the point that I have to remove the battery and power cycle.
    I have experienced this issue specially when using the car mount or when connecting to an stereo system.
    Motorola & Verizon please fix ASAP.

  • Aidan

    My Droid x FREEZES whenever I tilt the phone while playing music. It's so bad that I have to take the battery out every time it happens. It will also freeze if I try to increase or decrease the volume too quickly. .... Please fix this, Verizon!

  • bef

    I checked this page out because Youtube app would no longer play a video (problem with video message). I read what people had to say here and shut down the phone, pulled the battery and memory card for about 2 minutes. put them back in and started it up. wah-lah..youtube now working. oh, and my camera now saves the pics it takes, too. thanks to everyone. Motorola Droid Android 2.2

  • dt

    Did the factory reset but the media issues came right back within the time it took me to reset my dx. Affects music player, cubed, pandora, last.fm, Youtube... i had my gallery fail but that hasn't happened for awhile.. basically anything media related fails after 2.2... media plays after a reboot but the error comes right back.

  • Dave

    I did what Tammy suggested (Factory reset, no backup, set up accounts later, etc.). I cannot shut off the phone. I get the M screen. To clear it, I have to pop the battery and wait, can't start it again for at least 30 minutes. It started with the Froyo update. I don't have task killer installed, or anything else particularly out there. Motorola needs to fix this.

  • deadside66

    Hi...having an issue since my update as well, minor but driving me nuts! After l updated l notice that in my stock text msg's my contact photo does not show up withinn the conversations...it use to before l updated. I also gave myself a personalized name and that does not show either...it comes up as me...when l search the contact it comes up unknown contact. Very frustrating,as l just got my Droid x 2 days before the update was available. Basically l am trying to find out if l am doing something wrong or if this is a bug, any help please...l would like to see my pic instead of that stock sillouette...thx everyone...

  • deadside66

    Hi...having an issue since my update as well, minor but driving me nuts! After l updated l notice that in my stock text msg's my contact photo does not show up within the conversations...it use to before l updated. I also gave myself a personalized name and that does not show either...it comes up as me...when l search the contact it comes up unknown contact. Very frustrating as l just got my Droid x 2 days before the update was available. Basically l am trying to find out if l am doing something wrong or if this is a bug, any help please...l would like to see my pic instead of that stock sillouette...thx everyone...

  • jeremiah

    i lost my market app after update. anyone know how to get it back?

  • SandbergPDX

    Any more news from Motorola/Verizon?
    Perhaps an ETA of the patches?

  • Alan

    I have a Droid X. "Brand new out of the box" so I assume is running 2.2. Battery life is terrible and I am using the phone for nothing but charging. Battery monitor says 97% battery usage is Android OS. I have already done a factory reset at Verizon store and still have the problem. Any ideas ?

  • http://silverfang77.tumblr.com Silver Fang

    *confused* Wasn't the Droid X upgraded to Gingerbread?

    • Aaron Gingrich

      This post is over a year old.

      • http://silverfang77.tumblr.com Silver Fang

        Thanks. It would help if they would put the year as well as the date.

        • Aaron Gingrich

          The URL and comments both say 2010 ;)

  • lambswool

    After recent update, sep. 2011 android update. I am having a issue with my apps force closing. Anyone else having the same problem?

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