Last Updated: August 13th, 2011

Folks, I wish I could have the pleasure of telling you that what you're about to see is available now or even that it will be available in the next couple of years. Unfortunately, at this stage, this Seabird mobile phone concept, designed by Billy May for Mozilla, is just a dream. A dream, so beautifully projected in this video that it made me feel both sadness and happiness, inspiration and despair, awe and... well, you'll know what I mean after you watch it.

Without further ado, allow me to introduce Seabird:

If you happen to have 3D glasses, Billy May put together a 3D version of this video, available here.

What can I say? The amount of brilliance in this video is so abundant that I lost my words.

What do you, our readers, think?

When are we going to have the first phone to incorporate most of these features? 5 years? 10 years?

Who will be the first to deliver it to the mass market?

What was your favorite feature? (Mine was the detachable bluetooth/IR dongle)

Source: Mozilla Seabird

Artem Russakovskii
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  • alecs

    I can't even ...

    • http://www.russellhoyt.com Russ Hoyt

      +1- Favorite feature- Complete tie between both projector modes and the bluetooth (unless it doesn't charge when in handset then I would go with the split qwerty view)

    • http://brianbotkiller.com brian botkiller

      Even though I personally feel that FF has become a bloated lag of a browser, I would kill for this phone. I'd then run chrome on it :D

  • heatfan

    WOW!! Is there a concept phone pre-order form... hehehe

  • burpootus

    Probably be delivered by Moto...with a locked bootloader.

  • Doug Fiedor


    The keyboard is very interesting. In fact, it seems to have just about everything in one nice package.

  • boriqua2000

    the projected keyboard...hands down

  • Peter Puter

    I don't get it. Is it an iPhone?

    • Doug Fiedor

      It's actually a fancy pocket computer that also makes phone calls. . .

  • Nate

    so it runs android and windows 7? that would be sick if it worked well.

  • http://www.blunthead.com Blunt Head

    Being a medical marijuana smoker I was absolutely amazed. My jaw dropped when I saw this. I love the projection keyboard and the sync. WOW!!!

    The pan with the dongle was awesome!

    • Anon

      Umm, what do the fact that you are a medical marijuana smoker have to do with this?

      • Doug Fiedor


        That's what I was thinking, then let it slide by. . . .

  • The Gato

    And still no built in voicemail with all that power, why are we still paying for voicemail??

  • http://andreslucero.com andreslucero

    None of these features are outside the realm of possibility today, they'd just be cost-prohibitive to build into a mainstream handset (and would likely add a lot of bulk to the size of the phone).

    If this is all people are expecting from 5-10 years of mobile innovation then, yes, sadness is a good word to use.

  • Voice of Reason

    It's a good thing that people wake from dreams.

    Can someone explain how using an IR(really?) dongle improves interaction over using a finger?

    • rvr

      agree. the indirection introduced by the dongle-pointer-device-thingy doesn't make any sense to me. the big revelation of the iphone was the touch interface. it's direct, that's why it rules.

      i also agree that this is pretty much all doable now. it all comes down to the usual factors: size/weight, power consumption, and cost. the projectors are certainly the coolest thing, but getting them down to size and powering them without destroying battery life will be the big hurdles.

      fun concept for sure.

      • pedro

        well the dongle-pointer could have some sense if its use in a power point presentation for example ortherwise it's pointless

  • http://jobradar.pl/praca,nowe Praca

    If you guys ever decided to start this project off, I would be more then happy to test this puppy out. You wouldn't even have to pay me, the experience would be payment enough

  • T Whack

    Umm, DAMN! That's sick!

  • sal

    Must have *****

  • Adrian

    this is all possible... we just need lithium-ion air batteries to give us 10x the battery life then we're sorted :)

  • shri

    awesome awesome awesome, when it gona launch ....?