While not nearly as big a deal as the Froyo rollout for the Droid X, Verizon is also releasing an update for the Samsung Fascinate today. Doesn't look like users will receive a notification for the update quite yet, so to get it you'll need to check for it manually.

The changes:

Instant notification of Visual Voice Mail messages on your messaging bar.

Improved syncing between your phone and email accounts.

Prompt notification when switching to Airplane mode.

Faster switching to 3G services from 1x.

Easily search your phone during calls.

Improved Enterprise Exchange password alerts.

No Service audio alert removed.

Like we said, a fairly minor update, but obviously any improvements are welcome.


[Source: Verizon via Droid-Dog]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • Rick

    Any one else finding the fascinate to be anything but? This thing is a very good looking box of bugs.!!!!!

  • Adam

    Have read mixed reviews of new update. Some say the GPS is worse and some say it works now? Who knows.

  • Marc

    Yeah it would be a good update if they changed the search engine to google like it's supposed to be instead of BING!!!!!!! What's the problem with Verizon???? Huh


    Just got this phone and I LOVE IT. Much better than the Droid Eris easier to manuver and better apps.

  • tom

    Not a geek and too soon to tell about the fascinate but I'm willing to give it a try, especially since i've gone through 3 Droidx's that each one gave problems from having to reboot the first one twice to the 3rd one's screen being block out. Go figure.

  • puterfx

    Not fascinated with Samsung or Verizon. Definitely disappointed with both. This update to Froyo scenario smacks of the Omnia situation where Samsung came out with Omnia 2 with newer WinMobile and wouldn't upgrade Omnia. Samsung has 2.3 out on their new phones but can't figure out how to get 2.2 on "older" Galaxy S? Mine's going back and no more Samsung for me!