Just over a month ago (before it launched), the Quadrant scores of the Motorola Droid 2 leaked. We called it a monster when it hit 1,458. Today, Droid-Life has scored a few more leaked benchmarks, this time of the Droid 2 World Edition (which is rumored to be replacing the D2). The results: a Quadrant score of 1709 thanks to a CPU clocked at 1.2 GHz. For perspective, keep in mind that a stock EVO manages around 1100.

D2WE_Quad1 D2WE_Sys1

Just a note: the first Quadrant run yielded a score of 1566, while the second hit 1709. I'd guess the score on the screenshot above was a new set of runs, as it seems like an uncached score.

Other than the higher clocked CPU, the hardware is essentially identical to the DX and D2: 512 MB of RAM, Froyo, and 5 MP Camera. Pretty impressive.

[Source: Droid-Life]

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  • amw1972

    there have been consistent benchmark reports out of XDA on the EVO running a custom kernal overclocked to 1.19ghz sporting quadrant scores of over 2000.

  • JohnB

    1709 is not bad, but there are other processors that perform better. Lets looks at the table here:

    (they have added an entry for "Droid Pro" already!)

    As you can see, although a decent number, it is quite a bit lower than the new processor used by HTC Desire HD which is a second generation Snapdragon processor. It is lower than Samsung's Hummingbird as well. I think this is the limit of OMAP 3 based processors. With further optimization, the score will improve but so will the numbers for other phones.

    We need OMAP 4 based phones now. :)