We had a pretty good idea it was coming, and now it's here: Verizon has started rollout of the Android 2.2 update for the Droid X. As usual, some users are already receiving notification that an update is available, but if you don't want to wait, you can always check for the update manually.

Obviously, the most major change comes from updating Android itself. However, it looks like Verizon has also made a few other tweaks while it was at it. Full slide (same one from yesterday):


And that's about all there is to it. Go forth, download, and enjoy. Already received the update? Let us know how it's working out for you below.

[Thanks to Charles Z. for the tip!]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • jeff

    i really wish verizon would get rid of their crap VZ Navigator + any other shit.

  • Eric

    My music wont play on the music player after the update. Either will ringtones I downloaded. WTF?

  • Michelle

    I love the update, everything does what it is supposed to.

  • Allie

    My music player won't play unless I reboot. I have to do this sporadically throughout the day when the music stops working (this type of file is not recognized). Same goes for ringtones. It even effects music that I paid for and downloaded through the music player that came on the DX.

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Looks like you're having the same problem as Eric (above). Have you tried contacting support?

    • Eric

      Well I rebooted the phone and everything seems to work ok.....for now anyway.

      • Aaron Gingrich


        • srp

          After froyo update, the music player is not recognizing the audio file type. Double twist player has the same error. It works if I reboot but then stops again. anybody else have this issue? And if you contacted support were they able to help?

  • Andrew

    Wow, im not getting the update. Neither are all my droid x friends. The whole east coast is cock blocked all day. We are having terrible sevice

  • Stayce

    My music player is not working either. Keep getting a message that this kind of file is not supported by the player....? I am trying a hard boot.....ok...is working on all songs now.....

    • srp

      I had this happen last night and after the reboot the music player worked fine. Then again this morning I had the same issue. All that I had done between the two time periods was charge the phone. Not sure what triggered this.

  • RandyT

    It's auto launching a pile of apps, and launching them very quickly (as soon as Advanced Task Manager kills them, they re-launch).

  • Jeff

    I wish I never got this phone. it never works right I have to reboot it all the time. I dont trust verizon with my personal information. THe music player sucks and never works. I feel like I have a windows phone again.... I love the idea of apps and not being tied to one company for everything "apple" but DANG why in the world wouldnt you test hardware before pushing out an update... I use my music player all the time it never works with the update, thank god I can now delete the call history, but no music player for mp3's What next, will only play vcast downloads? HATE having to look online for fixes for a phone I pay out the ass for. what a joke.

  • ray

    I had the same problem with the music player and trying to play any video. Whether it be one I had or youtube. It was happening every other day and I would reboot it. But then a couple days ago I did a hard reset and it hasn't pulled any of the stuff that it was doin. So ppl try a hard reset and see if that works for you.

  • sonie

    Hw annoying is the milestone!I cant play my mp3s4 shit! This player does not support e music file is e msg I kip getin! Seriouly motorola iv seen e simplest nokia give beta service.think u shud rebrand to 'not a smart phone!nkt!

  • http://www.vettelites.com Ballahalla

    Not a fan of the update. The UI looks better, but seems to run slower with hesitation and freeze ups. I am also having connection problems with Radio scanner apps. Anyone else having these issues or know of a resolution? Before the update, my Droid X would reboot itself several times a day, at least that has stopped happening.