Ever since the Dell Streak launched with Android 1.6, the company has been making desperate attempts to bring the 5-inch tablet/phone hybrid into the eyes of the public, but somehow, the public just hasn't noticed yet (even releasing the source code didn't help).

Dell's latest attempt at stardom? Making the Streak available from Best Buy. No word on that long overdue update to FroYo, lowering that sky-high price tag, or even that leaked update to Eclair, but hey - at least now you can get it from a location where all employees are dressed in blue, right?

In what may be more exciting news, Mr. Michael Dell has just given attendees of an Oracle event a sneak peek at a new 7-inch Android-based tablet that looks a lot like the rumored Looking Glass tablet that was leaked some while back. Unfortunately, the Dell CEO did not announce any specs, features, or anything other than the fact that it'll look something like it does in this image taken by Reuters:


Hopefully this one will end up doing well and will serve as a legitimate competitor to Samsung's awesome-looking Galaxy Tab.

Sources: Reuters, Wall Street Journal via Engadget

Jaroslav Stekl
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