Kudos to HTC for taking time with producing their official walkthrough videos - they are usually superb, to say the least.

The video HTC posted today showcasing the upcoming Desire HD with the updated Sense UI is no exception. Over 7 minutes of high quality, narrated video is awaiting you below - just hit play, adjust the stream to 720p HD, kick back, and watch:

Source: HTC Youtube

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  • http://TriedandtrueTattoo.net Robert

    Too bad you cant actually use htcsense.com's website.

    • jeremee

      It's probably locked and ready for when the phone is launched! How can you use the services if the phone is still not out?

      Anyway I like this phone and I'm a fan of sense... Hope they hurry and some online sellers get on it. My Hero is blowing black smoke and slowly reaching it's end!

  • BobG.

    So, how would you guys compare the new Samsung Fascinate to the HTC Desire?

  • http://www.compressionstockings.com/juzo.php Juzo Socks

    Wow, looks just like my incredible but bigger. Me likey! cant wait till it comes to Verizon so I can get an upgrade. Woooo!