Last Updated: October 7th, 2010

Yeah, this one's a bit out of Android Police's usual subject matter, but frankly, we just couldn't resist commenting on the fact that Anssi Vanjoki, Vice President of Markets for Nokia, just compared our operating system of choice, or rather, the fact that mobile manufacturers are using it, to the practice of some Finnish boys who "pee in their pants" for warmth in the winter. He goes on to explain that the two are similar in that temporary relief is followed by an even worse situation, since he believes that choosing Android may result in "permanently low profitability." 

In my opinion, Nokia should look at themselves and, more particularly, the operating system they use on most of their high-end devices (that would be Symbian), before accusing their competition. Seriously, how can Symbian even be compared to Android? If you know how, feel free to discuss it below in the comments. Meanwhile, the rest of us can wonder what else goes on in Finland.

Source: Financial Times via Engadget

Jaroslav Stekl
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  • http://www.myspace.com/anamnesia Anamnesia

    I've had Nokia Symbian phones; the N9210 & N9500 - they were both crap...
    Nokia may be able to make a comeback in an already crowded marketplace.
    The thing that annoys me the most about Nokia, is that in 10+ years (yes, I had a Nokia 2110e) the basic design of the phone had hardly changed & when it did, Nokia failed to respond - simply making more of the same form factor in phones; essentially, gouging the market for all it could...

    • Isaac

      I agree with you, but also with Nokia here. What I mean is that Android IS future limiting in it's scope. It's a mobile OS that's happy to remain a mobile OS and isn't really built around the idea that the future may see more desktop interoperability. In this regard, Nokia has a point. Meego is much more like a full desktop OS with mobile friendly UI while Android and iOS are more like mobile OS's with "desktop features" added. The difference is important. On the other hand, Nokia has a SOLID track record of making quite nice hardware and then peeing all over it themselves with utter garbage software. Horrible phone UIs, horrible desktop software to interface with the phones. While I agree with the spirit of what Vanjoki is saying, he's absolutely in no position to cast stones.

  • Adam Skinner

    Just a cut and paste from my Reader comment:

    Welcome to something we like to call "competition". It's when people offer products and services at a lower price than other people who do pretty much the same thing. By using Android, your competitors lower the cost of making the device, and in turn pass that lower cost along to their customers. They do this while providing an even greater functionality than you provide for a higher cost.

    But that's not your real beef, is it? You don't like the fact that Android users can easily update their operating system, which is something you (and Apple) bind to the hardware. That's like selling a computer (in fact, with these devices it *is* selling a computer) and complaining because users can upgrade themselves from Windows XP to Windows Vista. Or install Linux on their hardware (not *your* hardware - see the difference there?) and have a free upgrade path for life. Your beef is that to get the "latest and greatest" they had to buy a whole new rig from you instead of taking the path of least resistance (and cost) by updating their OS.

    I just updated my Droid X to Android 2.2. This is what scares you. "Don't do it! Now he won't *need* to buy one of your new phones!!". Here's an idea: how about you provide legitimately better hardware that makes me want to buy a new phone. I don't doubt that if you could get away with it, you would do the phone equivalent of auto-expiring printer ink cartridges even though they have plenty of life left in them.

  • Keefers

    I worked in the texas panhandle for years. Every 1 knows that putting a warm cow turd in your pocket is better than peeing in your pants. Catch me durin a good drunk and I would pee on him and his phone every 10 minutes to keep him warm. Silly Finnish boys.

  • apollostees

    How can Nokia even be talking when there loosing the smart phone race in terms of mind share.

    This 'pee pee' statement is much like there business practices, nonsensical and misunderstood by Americans.

  • http://healthestress.blog.com/ liiloo

    Well, couldn´t stop laughing.

    I thought that Finnish are a bit "mad people" but this kind of statement from marketing director ( president ) is not a proper way how gentlemen , i suppose also highly educated one , would treat their oponents.

    I have owned one Nokia phone and well i have long ago desided that i do not buy another their product as long as its possible to avoid the company.

    They should have stayed in the tyre or rubber boot manufacturing :D

  • Pax

    He sounds like Steve Job!!