• http://AndroidSPIN.com Alex Smith

    Great write-up man!

    • Jaroslav Stekl


  • borikua1977

    so its up to SPRINT nopw if i want it...? "Thank you for your reply. The information I was referring to was official information about the new version of Sense; the only official information about the new Sense UI is what is in the press release on our website. We cannot consider third party websites such as the one you linked to as official information; oftentimes the information ends up being correct, but there are cases in which it is not. In any event, the features of the interface were not your initial question, so to reaffirm that answer, there is still no information available as to what existing devices may receive upgrades to the new Sense. Of course, updates occur at the request of the carrier for carrier-branded devices, so if Sprint requests it HTC developers would make it for the Evo."

  • http://stuarthalliday.com Stuart Halliday

    Err.. I've already got all these features in my existing HTC Desire HD, v2.2.1

    Had them for months, so what are you guys on about?