Take this one with a huge grain of salt: DigiTimes is reporting, yet again, that HTC is about to enter the tablet market by leveraging their expertise with Android and their relations with carriers around the world. The rumours point to a  launch date in early 2011 and specs that certainly look good, but would you pay the rumoured price of $790 for it?

The claimed specs:

  • 1280×720 display (from earlier reports, that may point towards Gingerbread)
  • nVidia Tegra 2 SoC
  • 32 GB SSD
  • 2 GB RAM
  • WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS
  • Full Android Market
  • Support for Chrome Web Apps

That Tegra 2 chipset should provide enough power to surpass the iPad and make for a very fluid experience. Still, for the money I can't help thinking that 3G/4G would be included as well, although this isn't mentioned in the leak.

HTC tends to manufacture their own products; however, rumour is that the tablet will be manufactured by ASUS (maker of the Eee PC) subsidiary Pegatron corp. Unfortunately, both HTC and Pegatron declined to comment.

DigiTimes does have a sketchy record with rumours, and while most people seem to believe that an HTC tablet is in the cards, the exact specs, price, and launch date are open to debate. Another cause for doubt: Chrome web apps are designed for Chrome OS and the full Chrome browser, not Android's Chrome mobile. This seems a little suspect, especially given the presence of the Android Market, but there is little doubt that with the Tegra 2 a tablet would have the power to run Chrome Web Apps.

Do you think these rumours have any basis? Are you sold on an Android tablet and maybe even this one from HTC?

Credit: DigiTimes

  • JohnB

    I think NVIDIA Tegra 2 is a great platform to build tablets on. It is the only design based on ARM's Cortex A9, currently sold on the market.

    Here's a good article to read if you want to know more about Tegra 2:


    • Mikey

      It's as on the market as anything else out there unfortunately. There really isn't much happening with the Tegra 2 which is very late to market. Given tablets were supposed to be shipping with it around April this year.

      TBH I would prefer slightly lower graphics performance and a glut of PowerVR cores that can be switched off when not needed to reduce power consumption.
      I really don't care for NVIDIAs recent manufacturing problems nor their record with power consumption.

      I'll wait for something from TI (OMAP) or Samsung (Hummingbird) if it comes out around the same time.

      The other suspect thing about this rumour is that Qualcomm are working on a dual 1.5GHz core (Most likely sporting the Adreno 205) which would be a better chip for all but the graphics.

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