Good news for what's likely to be a whole crapton of users: CyanogenMod, Android's most popular ROM, will be coming to a handful of new devices with CM6.1. Namely:

There will also be support for a few new devices- Acer Liquid, HTC Wildfire and Samsung Vibrant. My eye is also on the new HTC phones that are about to get released like the G2.


It looks like their doors are still open to new devs and currently unsupported devices, as well - to quote Cyanogen once more:

A lot of people ask me about adding support for their phone, but we can only support phones that we actually own. The CM team is always looking for new hackers to join up with us to add support for their favorite device. Get in touch with me if you’d like to help.

CyanogenMod is open source. The quality of code being added to CM has vastly improved because of the code review system that we’ve put in place, Gerrit. It’s the same system used by Google to manage the Android Open Source Project. It allows anyone to submit code to the project in a highly-visible way and gives us a way to examine and improve it before it’s actually merged. We want your code, so send us your patches. If there’s something you don’t like, change it.

Impressively, he also says that they're sporting a user base nearly a quarter-million users strong. Not bad at all.

[Source: CyanogenMod]

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  • Ajinnola

    Is the Htc EVO supported?

  • Ajinnola

    Is the Htc EVO supported? And, forgive my ignorance, but to run this rom will I be sacrificing froyo?

    • Aaron Gingrich

      EVO is supported (I'm running CM6 on my EVO) and CM6 is a Froyo ROM, so no, you won't lose Froyo. You will lose Sense, though.

  • Ajinnola

    Thanks, I've been wondering about that. You wouldn't happen to have a link with explicit instructions on how I can install that rom? I'm using a rooted EVO with an amon ra rom and 2.2.

  • Ajinnola

    Well, I've only actually done it once, a couple of days ago, when I rooted this. I did it with a video on youtube that was pretty informative. For me to do it with the instructions on the link you provided, it would be tough, but I guess with some research I can figure it out. If you have any links that are slightly more descriptive, send it along.

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Truly, it's not tricky at all. It's all exactly what it sounds like, mainly just flashing the .zips.

  • Ajinnola

    Thanks, man, I'll give it a try.

  • Defiant

    "It's reign"?
    (or, in other words: "it is reign"???)

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Wow, whoops! Nice catch, thanks!

  • Ajinnola

    Thank you again for the speedy responses to my questions last night. I have one more, however, so hopefully someone is there and listening!;)
    I'm having trouble locating all the files needed to flash cm6. I know there are two mandatory ones, then the optional "google apps" one. The link provided for the download of the two necessary files was down last night and still is now. If you can help me out with a working link and perhaps just a brief review of the steps I must take to successfully install this new cm6 rom, I'd be very grateful.

    • Aaron Gingrich

      I'm here. Patience is a virtue, my friend, I'm a busy person.

      I just checked the source link (cyanogenmod.com) and the download link definitely works.

      Wipe your phone, flash CM6, flash GApps. It's that simple :)

      • ajinnola

        Thanks again, man, only thing is this: being that I'm so new to this, I kind of need someone to tell me "you need 'this file', and 'this one', and 'this one' ".
        Know what I mean? I know how to wipe, and I know how to flash the files, but I don't know the exact files to flash, and I also don't know what part of the process I go back to in a DjR3Z video I watched that instructed me how to root in the first place. Currently, I am running a rooted version of froyo on my EVO. I really want to check out that new cm6 with the 1.19 oc and the hotspot app. I hear it also has the capability to conserve battery, too...

  • Ajinnola

    'ello? Anyone on this post?