Last Updated: September 26th, 2010

Found at the top of reddit's Android page today is this comic comparing the openness of Android to the closed ecosystem of Apple's iPhone and iOS. It warranted an immediate tweet, but since tweets are very short-lived, I decided to have it take a more permanent place on our site.

Here we go:


No editorial comments from me - I decided to reserve that role for you, our readers, in the space below.

Source: Icantdrawfeet

Artem Russakovskii
Artem is a die-hard Android fan, passionate tech blogger, obsessive-compulsive editor, bug hunting programmer, and the founder of Android Police.
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  • JP

    What about this tweet someone just sent?

    "Android: I bricked my phone, anything I can do? Nope. iPhone: I bricked my phone, anything I can do? Yup! Restore."


    • tr1phas3

      "iPhone: I bricked my phone, anything I can do? Yup! Restore. Except wait, I was jailbroken! Oh, really? You might be SOL then. Kiss your warranty goodbye at least."

    • Tiernan

      Except Androids can restore...


      Poor iPhone must have been confused ;)

    • seutje

      fastboot: it's the shit!

  • JP

    Also, the comic is quite funny.

  • Phil

    Nothing but the truth. I've started to realize that some iPhone users don't think outside whats marketed to them. They know the features that Job's said are "magical" and they think only the iPhone can do them. When you show them something their phone can't do its "nothing special" until an app comes out for theirs or Apple adds it then all of a sudden its the greatest thing since sliced bread. IPhone is dead now. You once could say it had the nicer UI and ran smoother but from what I've seen since Froyo it has no edge. Its all about capabilities now and its being run in the mud by Android. If some of the rumors about Google's music store pan out it will be another major blow to the iOS world.

    • CopierITguy

      @Phil, you could've stopped your comment at "Nothing but the truth. I've started to realize that some iPhone users don't think."

      • Phandroid

        That's a two way street, yo.

      • Rick

        Hahaha. That's honestly true.

    • wygit

      Wow... you mean the 'other' phone is dead and 'has no edge' since Froyo came out for non-rooted phones a whole 12 minutes ago, even though most Android phones won't yet load it?
      Samsung Galaxy S to Get Froyo on September 23? http://bit.ly/bFztT1
      Droid Does website points to imminent Froyo update for Droid X... but what does it mean? http://bit.ly/cr2K7q
      Verizon says Froyo not coming to Droid Eris http://bit.ly/9i1gQ7

      I'm an Android AND iPhone user and an Android supporter, but come on...

    • Ankur Shah

      I am completely agree with you Phil.

  • Phandroid

    It's funny that you say android is open when you talk about rooting, but make no mention of iphone jailbreaking.

    Sounds like a contradiction to me.

    • the maffon

      Yeah man, just a litlle bit ridiculous and partisan ;-)

    • http://rarsa.blogspot.com Rarsa

      No Contradiction:

      Rooting: Someone gives you a key of their cottage.

      Jailbreaking: Someone gives you a brick, you break the window of the cottage and get in.

      So in both cases you can spend the weekend at the cottage. The difference is that in one case you are "allowed" in the other, you are breaking the law.

      No contradiction.

  • http://museum-community.blogspot.com Tallbruva


    Obviously written by an iPhone user. If you root properly, you can always restore with NAND. But that is what the first comic said, isn't it? :-)

    The difference is Apple goes out of its way to prevent you from doing it. Google says: "Here's the source code. Knock yourself out."

    In short, Google *encourages* rooting; Apple does not. That's why Apple is never referred to when talking about being open and rooting/jailbreaking.

    • wygit

      Google may encourage rooting, but the phone makers sure dont...
      Motorola Responds to eFuse and Bootloader Talk: Doesn’t Brick, But Still Just as Useless http://bit.ly/bHJ6KW

      and the 'open' Google platform?
      Skyhook: Google forced Motorola to drop our location service, delay the Droid X http://bit.ly/beWsNm
      "which would certainly explain why Samsung's Galaxy S phones have WiFi positioning turned off by default, unlike every other Android phone. Ouch."

      Just stay real here, OK?
      yes, Steve's an egocentric overcontrolling jerk, so we're in total agreement there..

    • the maffon


      The only reason why Apple is never referred to when talking about being open and rooting/jailbreaking is that is much more convenient for android users to make comparison with iphone using this scenario "android rooted, Iphone original" ;-P

  • Phandroid

    So, Google enourages you to void your warranty while Apple doesn't. Gotcha.

    In reality, it's a level playing field when either devices are rooted/jailbroken, but you'd never hear a Phandroid admit it. I will concede that stock for stock Android is more customizable, but when you want to get into the more fun stuff, they're pretty much equal.

    • http://museum-community.blogspot.com Tallbruva

      Actually no. I just got my Sprint Epic 4G. There's no way on this Earth or another where I'd trade it for an iPhone. I didn't like the Samsung launcher. So I installed ADW Launcher. Now I have a ton of options on my home screen (many of which are from the source code released by Samsung and HTC). If I want to do that with iPhone..... Oh wait. That was the point of the comic, wasn't it?

      One doesn't need to root to make the playing field even with iPhone. Apple made that easy when it just got folders (Android 1.0), backgrounds (1.0), multi-tasking (1.0), widgets - nope. Apple doesn't have them.

      Play with any of the Samsung Galaxy S devices. You'll change your tune. Unless that is, you're an iFanboy.

      • EvoFTW

        lmao . . soo true.
        Evo with LauncherPro here, and Love it!

        Then the iFanboy said, "wait, you mean Android has MULTIPLE alternative launchers?" ~trying to hide a frustrated pout~

        • Phandroid

          I'm sorry that your phone sucks stock. :(.

          Don't forget ATK!

  • Phandroid

    Yes, the point of the comic is saying how much better android is with custom roms over a stock iPhone. That's totally a fair comparison. But whatever helps you sleep at night.

    The Galaxy S are nice, but I'd like to not have to disable all of my features to get a days usage out of my phone.

    Silly phandroids.

    • binarybasher

      Wireless charging will be released soon, until then iphones can carry a large battery whilst the rest of us just make use of that ever so popular usb cable... I have to admit the iphone apps generally look better graphically, why is that? LauncherPro like many other replacement apps for Android is flippin brilliant, choice is good :-)

      • Phandroid

        Or carry extra batteries... LOL

        I've wondered that too. Seeing some of the same apps on either device, the iPhone's always look much better.


        • CopierITguy

          What would an iPhanBoy know about extra batteries. Steve Jobby-Jobs doesn't allow his minions to have an extra battery! He obviously doesn't think they're capable of popping the device open and pulling out a battery to replace it!

    • http://museum-community.blogspot.com Tallbruva

      Let me give fuel for your fire then spray you with the fire hose....

      My brand new battery for my Epic 4G died after 4 hours. Don't start typing yet because I haven't told you why.

      I'm training the battery which means it has to be drained completely. So in an effort to do that I turned on wi-fi, bluetooth, GPS, brightness to full (which hurts the eyes it's so bright). Rode the train in for 30 minutes listening to music via bluetooth while playing video games during that time, watched parts of full-length movies and took a couple of bluetooth answered calls. All in an effort to force the phone to die. And the untrained Epic battery (read: not fully charged) still took 4 hours to kill itself.

      Of course, I could just buy a spare battery like the iPhone has..... oh, forgot. iPhone doesn't allow that. Maybe I should get that 2 inch long battery extender that looks like a turd coming out the bottom of the phone 'cause Steve Jobs says "it's the best way to get extra power".

      But then again, if I did disable all my features to save battery life, my Galaxy S would then be equal to an iPhone, since iPhone doesn't have all the features of an Android phone :-)

  • EvoFTW

    . . . and the trolling goes on.

    To say "I’m sorry that your phone sucks stock.", is sooo 2007 Apple'ish.

    I guess I should offer. . . Sorry that your phone sucks without options to enhance it beyond your master's 4th grade grid design!

    • Phandroid

      Dismiss it as trolling. Typical.

      Sorry your phone sucks with all your options that you have to disable anyway in order to be able to use your phone regularly.

      You're rooted right?

      • EvoFTW

        nope! ~ Nothing disabled either.

        Battery lasts all day without any issues, thanks! Never any antenna probs or dropped calls ...well, except to my daughter's iPhone that continues to drop calls.

        Even able to use 4G when I want fast data and WiFi is unavailable, like a Video Chat to my daughter's laptop from a highway rest area 100+ miles from a major city! (yes, I have done that too.)

        • Phandroid

          That's cool. I don't have any of those problems either.

          Weird huh?

  • Enigma

    I'm rooted and run a custom rom. I'm Overclocked to 1Ghz. Motorola Droid. Even Overclocked, no extras disabled, no app or task killer. My phone lasts better than stock at 10+ hours a day switching between wifi when accessible, youtube, forums, texting and calling, which by the way on the few occasions I don't get reception I can make wifi calls. Did I mention my browser runs faster than my friend s I phone 4? with flash. You were saying?

    • Phandroid

      1ghz > 800mhz. Of course you run faster. Is that even an argument?

      10+ hours? That's amazing! I get 17+ daily. WiFi, GPS, 3G, Gaming, Forums, Texting, Calling. Wifi calls? Wow! You're from the future! Oh wait, Skype is on iPhone too.

      I'll go ahead and leave this here: http://www.pcworld.com/article/199845/smartphone_camera_battle_iphone_4_vs_the_android_army.html

      I'll wait for your comments about how the article is biased though.

      • Nirian

        I won't comment that the article is biased, I'm just going to leave you with a few quotes:

        "However, the iPhone 4's image quality was far less impressive in two categories: sharpness and distortion. It trailed the Droid X in terms of image sharpness, and those Sony and Samsung point-and-shoots finished far ahead of it. The iPhone 4 finished in a dead heat with the Droid X and Samsung Galaxy S in terms of image distortion."


        "The 8-megapixel Droid X was right behind the iPhone 4 in terms of overall image quality, finishing in second place for exposure quality and color accuracy, and outscoring the iPhone 4 in our sharpness tests."

        So congrats, your iPhone has a slightly better camera in terms of colour accuracy.

  • Enigma

    Not really, its a to each their own environment, at least to me. I prefer the capabilities android provides me. I enjoy the I phone for its simplicity. Gotta grow up someday though. Its a great beginner smart phone. I just can't stand the way it feels in my hand or looks. Apple will most likely always have an edge when out comes to media. They're more business oriented being made by the creators of the Mac. Android is however far more expendable, in my opinion more customizable to individual user needs etc. If I want a page for media I don't have to fight with my phone to get it all on one page. The widgets allow me immediate access to information important to Mr without ever opening an app. Things like social networks, my calendar schedule, and weather are all immediately viewable at a glance. If my phone needs repairs I can restore stock, take it in, get it fixed and flash back to my rom without having to set every thing back up. To me that's a serious win. The phones compete for a reason, both are good.

    • Phandroid

      I will +1 your comment on some points.

      Apple needs to loosen their grip and let people decide what they want to do with their phones. For the time being, there's those of us who prefer the Apple hardware but want to do with it what we want so we customize it how we see fit. Apple is always going to have their name, so there's not much we can do about 95% of moron iPhone users.

      Secondly, what doesn't work for you works for a lot of people, and no one is wrong. It's personal preference.

      One of my biggest pet peeves are things like this comic. They tout how much better Android is over iOS but use scenarios that aren't equal. I can guarantee you if you pit my jalbroken iPhone 4 Vs. your rooted Droid, I can do tons of things you can't and vice versa. There just aren't as many iPhone power users as Android users.

      Also, most Android users haven't used an iPhone but continue to bash it. I've used both and decided what's best for me and it just happens to be an iPhone. That doesn't make me any less informed than you, or make me an "iFanboy" as Tallbruva so delicately put it.

      Ok, that was long.

      /end rant

      P.S. Thanks for featuring my Tweet!

      • nastisha

        Bahahahha! Du oh!

        • Phandroid

          You started ALL of this!


      • http://blog.iangclifton.com Ian G. Clifton

        Perhaps I had a different impression of the comic, but I didn't see it as touting Android as being better. Neither OS could do the task, but the Android user had a lot of options, and I think that's a fair representation of the (generalized) difference between the two. With Android, you have the opportunity to do things you simply can't do on iPhone (e.g., Tasker). The impression I got from the comic can be summed up by what you said: "There just aren’t as many iPhone power users as Android users."

        Personally, I've used both heavily, and I am completely confident that I made the right choice for me with a Nexus One. The iPhone is simply unable to do too many of the things I like (inter-app communication, widgets, custom sounds per email account, unobtrusive notifications, etc.).

        "...most Android users haven’t used an iPhone but continue to bash it. " Do you have anything to back that up? Or is that just an easy excuse ("They haven't used the device I like, so they don't know it's the best!")? I've found that iPhone users have generally either not used Android devices or they have used old versions (the G1 especially) and so the comparisons aren't particularly useful. They also repeat inaccurate claims like Android doesn't have push notifications or Android's multitasking destroys your battery life, clinging onto the fault of one device and applying it to all Android devices. Of course, with either OS, it takes a significant amount of time to really appreciate the good (and bad).

        • Phandroid

          Look no further than the comments on this particular post and you'll see you've described pretty much both sides. If you want options for things, there are plenty on the iPhone. You just have to jailbreak for them. So what exactly is the difference here with these options other than writing your own app to do it?

          You've got Tallbruva saying: "Play with any of the Samsung Galaxy S devices. You’ll change your tune. Unless that is, you’re an iFanboy."

          Then you've got CopierITguy saying: "@Phil, you could’ve stopped your comment at “Nothing but the truth. I’ve started to realize that some iPhone users don’t think.”

          Then there's me. I explained myself lower in the post with my wall of text.

          You've also got Android users clinging on to older iterations of iPhone's against their newer Droid devices. Probably not on this particular site, but on other enthusiast forums I'm on it's the same thing.

          I guess we should agree to the fact that there are extremists on both sides, but neither of us are wrong. We all choose what's best for us. If there was no competition, we'd still be on candy bar and flip phones from the 1900's.

  • jose

    Well I had experienced with both iphones and android ....and iphone is good but android wins cause u get better speeds...much better signal unlike iphone u need to dress up ure phone lol o and we can play flash...the only thing iphone wins in is better games...wich I don't care cause I have a psp...

    • Phandroid

      Better games, better camera (look at the link I posted above), better display, but that's it.

      What do you mean better speeds? They're about pretty much the same speed.


      As far a flash goes, yeah you have it, it's not that exciting. I haven't run into too many sites that require me to have flash so it's not that big of a deal to me.

      • iPhoner

        It's funny because Android users are always trying to show everyone that their phone is better. It's funny because the iPhone is the one every other smartphone compares itself to. I guess that's what happens when you are on top.

        • Phandroid


          It means something when you compare yourself to a product. You're admitting that it's the best and you're trying to be better than it.

          The end!

        • http://blog.iangclifton.com Ian G. Clifton


          "It means something when you compare yourself to a product. You’re admitting that it’s the best and you’re trying to be better than it."

          What's that say about Apple putting up the page showing signal loss on a bunch of other phones? Are they all better than the iPhone 4?

      • http://blog.iangclifton.com Ian G. Clifton

        Better display? Oh, right, because DPI is the only thing that matters. No wonder all the Apple users won't stop talking about how much the iPad's display sucks and go on and on about the LG-LU1400....

        • Phandroid


          Any claims regarding games and camera? I noticed you left that part out.

        • http://blog.iangclifton.com Ian G. Clifton


          Which part do you want sources for? The hype about the iPhone 4 display was centered entirely around it being a "retinal" display, in other words, high DPI. The LG phone I mentioned has a higher DPI (and a smaller screen size). The iPhone 4 display is excellent, featuring a high DPI and high brightness but also has under-saturated colors and a relatively small screen. Considering it better than any screen on any Android-based device suggests that physical size, color accuracy, and contrast are unimportant. I wouldn't consider any current phone's display unequivocally the "best" one for all users.

          I left the other two out because they're even more subjective. iPhone certainly has more games and more games with high production values. If you want to pay $10 for Street Fighter, iPhone is the way to go. If you are buying a phone specifically for its gaming ability, iPhone is currently the better choice. Of course, if you're a gamer who likes physical buttons, then your choice might be different.

          As far as cameras, they all suck. Which of the phones were actually out in the US when that review was written that you posted? It looks like the Evo's pictures are heavily compressed; they're probably at < 85 quality, so it'd be interesting to see them again with less compression since it is software-adjustable. The iPhone 4 was over-exposed and not sharp but relatively good overall. I'd take the Droid X of those four, especially with the extra megapixels for cropping, but I'm unimpressed with any of them.

  • Yogesh

    It is really surprising that so many people will keep fighting that what is better, Android or iPhone. Soon WP7 will join in and the debaters will have one more side to join in.

    I think both Android and iPhone are awesome devices and as far as they are competing, we should be happy. Both will improve.

    One thing I will like to say though, that Apple has many misinformed fanboys who will just buy any Apple device even when they won't use it.

    @Phandroid, you seem to be quite informed and many of your points are genuine but I think you also cannot deny that some people just follow Apple blindly. Apple brand has brainwashed some people to such an extent (believe me, I have seen this first hand) that if iPhone is not able to do something, they try to portray that they don't need that feature. That's really bad for development I believe.

  • http://www.bigsnail.co.uk Nick Hurst

    That is absolutely excellent, a friend of mine has the iPhone and I have Android and that is exactly what its like... except with more bickering over which is better!!

  • Gnawer

    Funny thing is, in both comics, the guy doesn't get what he wants. But in the first one he spends A LOT more time not getting it.

    • Aaron Gingrich

      He doesn't have it at the end of the *comic*, but he's on his way to the solution. That's the difference. Also, it's a comic, not a novel with a full circle ending. It's portraying the means, not the ends.

      • wygit

        It's so funny... I'm an iPhone user who thinks Apple has been way too controlling about its devices, but this comic strikes me as hilarious because it's ridiculing BOTH phones' users, in different ways.

        The Android user wishes his phone would do X, and ends up devoting his life to accomplishing that. Nobody's really commented on the last line there...
        "Maybe if I cut back on my hours at work a bit..."
        Does that sound particularly healthy?

        The iPhone user wished his phone would do X, is just told "No", and accepts it...
        Not particularly daring or innovative...

        Maybe the artist is talking about geeks vs users... (which is what Apple was aiming for with the first Mac... an appliance computer for people who don't WANT to know how it works)

        I mean, after all, it's a phone... I don't necessarily want it to make breakfast.
        (although that would be cool)

  • Chaac

    In that Android scenario, the end user is tech savvy and has a lot of time to waste on customizing his phone. That is by far NOT the majority of the users. I'm guessing most Android users don't say "OMG let's tweak the weather app so it fits my exact weather checking needs". Neither the majority of iPhone end users jailbreak it to get more out of the phone.
    The vast majority of both types of end users use the Market/Store to "upgrade" their phone. Both types of users use the hardware provided by the manufacturer as intended.
    This comic is just wishful thinking from a nerdy Android perspective, not from a real end user perspective. And neither Apple nor Android target the nerdy user perspective. They want the vast majority of the market.

    A fair comparison might have been going nerd all the way. Say both are developers for each platform and one can do "lots of unrestricted / buggy stuff" with Android while the Apple developer actually makes money with a quality app for the end user.

    The problem with this comic is they are trying to depict an ordinary end user as interested in tweaking or creating an app for itself while in reality, great apps that remain great are made by professionals. End users are not developers and don't even care, they just want to use the bloody phone.

    • iFanboy

      FYI "Phandroid" and other iFanboys:

      Android wins because:

      1. Simplicity.
      a. Get the device out of the box,
      b. Turn on the device
      c. Sign in with your gmail account. Voila.
      d. Your contacts and calendar get backed up and restored automatically.
      If you previously had an Android device:

      e. Your settings(Wifi passwords, backgrounds,etc) restore
      d. All Applications you have previously installed restore

      2. Features added by the community

      Android 2.2 includes hundreds of features designed by the open source community, many of which were only possible by rooting. Examples:

      Full device Backup - included in 2.2
      Wireless Tether - included in 2.2
      Hundreds of other features.

      Therefore, the open nature of Android might not directly benefit the 'non-nerdy' users, but they get a taste once Google integrates such features in official updates.

      3. Can your iPhone natively play 720p mkv files without having to down-convert it using some app you purchased using iTunes for 30$? Didn't think so.
      (Galaxy S).

      At the end of the day, you will be waiting for another year for your next iPhone, while Android catches up and wipes it out. Good luck iFanboy.

      • wygit

        "3. Can your iPhone natively play 720p mkv files without having to down-convert it using some app you purchased using iTunes for 30$? Didn’t think so.
        (Galaxy S)."

        Don't forget the Galaxy S doesn't yet HAVE Froyo "out of the box"
        Samsung Galaxy S to Get Froyo on September 23? http://bit.ly/bFztT1

        but... you're listing one of the thirty Android phones out there that has a feature that the iPhone doesn't have as a reason "Android wins"?

        Come on, I'm an Android supporter too, but don't be silly.

        • iFanboy

          My point is, there is choice. You are not restricted to one vendor for the hardware and software. So one may browse different vendors for extra features such as a HD Divx Certification rather than waiting for Apple to introduce this(maybe) a year from now.

      • Chaac

        1. Simplicity. The iPhone also integrates Google's Mail, Calendar and contacts (Push). I dont need to re-download from the cloud all my apps and passwords everytime I upgrade my phone because, in all honesty, I do so every one or two years. I think I'll live if I do it from my computer and way faster than doing so from the cloud (including music, photos, podcasts and videos in just one single sync). That is simple.
        2. The community. There's a developer community for the iPhone that uploads great apps to the AppStore. Apple can also decide to include in their iOS what a popular app does if they want to or not or we could still get it from the store.
        3. I have no idea what the hell are you talking about. All I know is I can record and play HD from my iPhone and that's ok. You see, talking like you talk shows a lack of... How you called it? Simplicity.
        And yeah, I will wait another year or maybe even two years before upgrading to a new phone that will stay consistent, fully supported by the manufacturer and the platform developer which is a lot more that can be said about Android phones that can be randomly crippled by the carrier, the OEM or Google itself.

  • JJ
  • meme

    I can't use Skype on my Droid (Skype Mobile is comparatively useless) and my Droid could not be configured to call within China while I was in China, despite representations that this would be possible when I purchased it

  • Phandroid

    Nice to see that this conversation is still going.

    I've made all the points I want to make.

  • Chaac

    What strikes me as funny about all the disguised "openness" sold to the Android fan boys is they finally feel compeled to WASTE their time in developing and sharing apps for free to make the world a better place while Google gets all the profit through advertising. Now that's being really brainwashed. So I guess this comic's intention is to do some more brainwashing. At least Apple devs are encouraged to partner with Apple so they both make money from great apps.

    • tr1phas3

      "Pot to kettle: You're brainwashed!"

      • Chaac

        Did you even click the Tech Crunch link above?

    • http://blog.iangclifton.com Ian G. Clifton

      Wow, you're actually so full of Apple's philosophy that you believe the only reason anyone would ever develop an app is to make money?

      • Chaac

        I never said is the only reason. I just believe is the most common one, right?

  • Phandroid

    So, I subscribed to this topic and get e-mailed every time a reply comes in. How do I unsubscribe?

    • http://blog.iangclifton.com Ian G. Clifton

      At the bottom of the email there is a link that you can click to change (remove) your subscriptions. It's under the line "To manage your subscriptions or to block all notifications from this site, click the link below:"

      • Phandroid

        There it is, thanks!

        Maybe I'll come around another time.


  • http://nojh.cepheid.org Nojh

    Hmm. Accurate and a good commentary. To add I punchline I might have added something to the apple side like "But maybe Apple will lets us do something like it if we beg enough.". Maybe to add a punchline.

    To make the comic more accurate, I would have pointed out that there are jailbreaks for the iPhone that might let him do something more with the iPhone... but I thinkt hat changes what you were trying to say."

  • Oiche_shamhna

    So wait! Did Google make the the first phone to use multi touch? Who had the first App store? Who moved the crappy smart phone to the modern world. Was it Google. No! It was APPLE and they thank you imitation is the greatest form of flattery

  • Oiche_shamhna

    Thats funny Google finally coming out with a music store? Hmm, who did that first? Say in 2003. Apple. Google just now jumping on the bandwagon. Child Please

  • Oiche_shamhna

    One other thing for Apple Bashers. You might want to think a moment what was out when the first Apple iphone hit. Not much. So when Apple said they were going to change the mobile phone world they did. History proves that (don't believe me Google it:') . So you should be thanking Apple they changed it for the good of the users even if that was not there intent. you would not have your version of phone if Apple had stepped up and said the smart phone market sucks lets do it better.

  • Tunjung Utomo

    I'm on the pragmatic side of things.In my country iPhone retails at about 25% more expensive than Android phones of corresponding feature.Currently i support Android for it's the closest thing can tackle iPhone from dominating market.But I also don't want Android gets so big that it become two horse race,hope WinPho,WebOS,MeeGo and their respective vendors can keep up posing formidable challenge to Android and iPhone (+iOS). The more competition, the better user can benefit.

  • tradergeorge

    Isn't technology wonderful. We get to argue about which one of two great operating systems is the "best". The truth is that most of our modern toys are great and make life easy and convenient. In 1990, I would have killed for the worst cellphone available today.

    • klimass

      Hmm... Nokia 1600 is available today :)