Last Updated: September 23rd, 2010

One of the weaknesses of Android has been a lack of high quality games. Sure, there are some very good games, but not nearly as many as there should be, and they are often hidden in the Android Market. Fortunately, Android gaming momentum has been increasing with hits like Angry Birds arriving on Android recently. Now, OpenFeint is further increasing that momentum with the announcement of twenty Android titles in the next month, including several top 10 iOS hits like Fruit Ninja, MiniSquadron, and Super Slyder.

OpenFeint is a cross-platform social gaming network that was introduced just over a year-and-a-half ago. It has already surpassed 37 million mobile users and 3,000 games. Starting today, the open source SDK is available for Android developers to begin integrating leaderboards, achievements, and friending. Since OpenFeint is available for both Android and iOS, users can compete with friends on devices running either platform.

“Android users deserve great games but haven’t had access to enough of them. That changes today,” said Jason Citron, CEO of Aurora Feint, makers of OpenFeint. “Hundreds of thousands of people activate Android phones every day, and there is a clear need for high quality games in the marketplace. The major wireless carriers are partnering with us to select the best games from iOS - like Fruit Ninja - to bring to Android.”

In addition to the expansion to Android, OpenFeint has announced that it will be aggressively marketing games in its new Feint Spotlight app for Android. This could help bring those hidden Android gems to light for the hundreds of thousands of users activating devices each day.

Look for the following games soon:

  • Face Fighter Gold by Appy Entertainment
  • Touch Racing Nitro by Bravo Game Studies
  • Symbolism by ChewSoft
  • Cestos 2: Party Time by ChickenBrick Studios
  • The Moron Test by DistinctDev
  • Super KO Boxing 2 by Glue Games Inc.
  • Mega Jump by Get Set Games
  • Fruit Ninja by Halfbrick Studios
  • Bomberman Dojo by Hudson
  • Must.Eat.Birds by Mediatonic
  • Solipskier by Mikengreg
  • Flick Kick Field Goal, Flick Kick Football, and Flick Kick Rugby by PikPok
  • Tic Tac Toe by Posimotion
  • Super Slyder by Sandlot Games
  • MiniSquadron by Supermono
  • Kamikaze Race by TastyPlay.com
  • Dot and Dot Dot by ustwo




Ian G. Clifton
An Air Force veteran, Ian has been intrigued by technology for as long as he can remember. He develops Android applications for both work and play such as CNET News and Survivor, but he also enjoys art of all kinds and spends some of his few free minutes on photography and sketching.

  • Don

    i just wish they would port minigore. it was my favorite game on my iphone.

    • Paul

      Let me know when Minigore is available and I will care. Minigore was the only game I played consistently on my old iPhone 3G, otherwise I couldn't careless about gaming on my mobile device, its not something that influences me when considering a cellphone purchase.

  • James

    Super KO boxing 2 is already on android by glu games. Though the only differences I see is that in my iOS version the game contains steroids and on my android version it don't. Other than that it's good.

  • http://www.suddenfish.net Suddenly

    I'd love to see Super monkey ball on Android... it's my favorite game on iOS

  • Alvin

    I just purchased Fruit Ninja and MiniSquadron on my Magic running CM6. I gotta say that both of these games run surprisingly smoothly on it.