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While the teaser site for the T-Mobile G2 has been up for quite some time now, HTC, the company actually manufacturing the device, have been quite reticent about its specifications and what’s driving that stock Froyo goodness. Of course, we’ve known of its MSM7230 and various other details for a couple of weeks, but it’s nice to see the official specs solidified on HTC’s website. There are no surprises contained within, but something about the confirmation of what was once nebulous rumour can’t help but bring a warming pulse to every Android’s circuitry.


Source: HTC via Engadget

Brian O'Toole
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  • Deon

    lol. Lots of controversy of this phone vs Nexus One but I think after some research, I'm finally going to sell my N1 (to my brother, so it won't be far away) and switch to the new G2. The 800mhz scorpion processor is said to give the Snapdragon 1ghz processor a run for its money, it's GPU is better, it doesn't have the multi-touch display issues the N1 has, it's got a nice chipset, I find I type much better on a physical keyboard, and oh yeah, it has HSPA+ :-) I'm leaving T-Mobile for SimpleMobile though, $60 even for unlimited everything, they use T-Mobile's network and their phones and don't even require their phones to be unlocked, and they support 3G and HSPA+. How does the G2's internal memory compare to the N1? Most apps still don't support App2SD and I find I keep running out of room for apps. Also does the G2 have HDMI out?