Garmin CFO Kevin Rauckman stated on the 9th that Garmin may be leaving the mobile phone part of its business on the side of the highway. Garmin has released exactly one Android phone that was met with limited success, to put it nicely. They released the Garminphone with an outdated version of Android and put it on the 4th largest (out of 4) wireless carrier in the US (T-Mobile). The cards were definitely not stacked in their favor.


At one point in time, I'm sure this phone would have been a break-away hit but, now that every phone has GPS navigation, the Garminphone has become completely irrelevant. Now that navigation is an assumed feature on most phones, especially smartphones, making that the primary aspect of the Garminphone may have been its undoing. Had they focused more on other aspects of the phone or released it with a current version of Android the story may have ended differently.

As it stands right now, Garmin may have removed themselves from the smartphone market and some people might actually notice. There is a comment section below; tell us what you think. Did you love or hate the Garminphone? Is this a bad thing?


Brad Ganley
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  • http://terratime.net String

    As a developer, I can't say I'd be sorry. I've had weird error reports from Garmin users that never occurred on any other phone, and outdated OS versions are never a good place to start.

  • http://www.libcoffee.net Jerry Chong

    Shame, I suspect that if they hadn't been so overconfident and pushing a half-baked product that was already outdated the day it launched, and instead focused on selling offline GPS navigation to non-US markets first, they would have made a decent profit.

  • JB

    Terrible decision...! The phone is fantastic. We have three..! Garmin and TM are to blame equally. This phone has two poor commercials, no real support, or marketing, and this is nothing more than a gross mis-management example for all business schools to study. If I was a shareholder I would be PISSED. DON'T GIVE UP on it..! Sell it unlocked on your site. Tell Garmin owners it is out there...Duhhhh. Market and feature sell the damn thing. Secret shop TM and see why it didn't sell. Doesn't take a genius. I tried many times to contact Garmin in Kansas and to no avail did I get anyone to listen to my concerns that quite frankly have led to this decision. Idiots... However the receptionist was great at screening calls. Man am I disappointed. So will be my other family members...! Sad day indeed. Now what do I get once this phone is done..? One more point.. How can Garmin loose the fight in the nav area when they are the gold standard..? I just don't understand. My GarminFone has been excellent...!! Ugghhh..frustrated.

  • Robert

    Hey I love my Garminfone. The location abilities of this unit are much better than the other S-phones that I have seen. For me the GPSr was the primary draw and in that respect it is at the head of the class.

  • DK

    I remember this phone came out with the last version of Android that didn't come with free turn by turn navigation. That is the only way they were able to sell their phone. And they had no intention of updating the OS (to then offer free navigation). So now that all android phones have free navigation, and everyone expects them to.. Garmin is done. the best they can do to survive is to offer a free navigation app on android/iphones and get ad revenues. No one wants/needs a standalone gps anymore

  • Duane
  • W

    This phone is great. The builtin GPS and builtin maps work fantastic. But they tried to sell it too expensive in Australia for around AUD$600. Bad move. Now it's AUD$199 and a relative bargain.