TweetDeck for Android, which got immensely popular ever since its first public release a month ago, just got an update which finally brought the missing and very much anticipated widget support. After updating, you will find not 1, not 2, but 3 different widgets.


Here is the changelog:

  • New "Quick post" widget
  • New "Column" widget
  • New "Quick launch bar" widget
  • All new Add Column interface
  • Fixed various bugs and improved performance

The Widgets

Check out all of the new widgets in the screenshots I just took:

  • the top one is TweetDeck Column which turns into a quick view of one of your columns. You can pick the column you want, then go back by clicking at the top of the widget or go into full view by clicking at the Open Column button. I must say, this widget looks odd - it should be 1 column wider
  • middle is TweetDeck Bar which is just a bunch of shortcuts to all of your columns
  • bottom is TweetDeck Post which is basically a quick compose screen for new messages. The layout of the message popup on my EVO running Froyo was actually broken, but Tweetdeck's Richard Barley has already responded to me and said they'd be looking into the issue

snap20100910_011912 snap20100910_013742

snap20100910_013918 snap20100910_012735[12]


Download the latest version of TweetDeck for Android by hitting up this url from your phone: http://www.tweetdeck.com/go/android.

Alternatively, and this is a new feature at AndroidPolice, hover your mouse on top of the link above for a few seconds, and you will see the QR code scannable with Barcode Scanner (all in-post links have this feature now).

You can discuss the new TweetDeck version over at DroidForums.net.

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  • jeff

    i like tweetdeck because the scrolling so so smooth, and it integrates buzz/4sq/fb. what i want is a widget that takes up the entire screen (leave the notification bar) for one column only, that is scrollable. so basically what it looks like when you open it, except for no side scrolling (that will be to switch home screens). I know there are certain launchers with scrollable widgets, but i think dev's should have the option within their apps to enable it. then it will keep the look and feel of the original app and you don't have to dl another.

  • K.J.

    I wish they would fix the facebook colums already I thouggt the update would address that but doesn't look like it unless I'm missing something

  • David

    The column widget doesn't seem to update automatically or manually, I have to open the full column and tell it to refresh to get updates in the widget. Makes the widget somewhat useless.