Well, it looks like that shortage of AMOLED screens people have been talking about has finally started to affect more devices than just the Nexus One. This snapshot of a Verizon internal memo reveals that the Droid Incredible will, in fact, be making a change from AMOLED to S(uper)LCD:


Basically, this means that the quality of the Droid Incredible's screen is going to go down a little bit. While SLCD is still definitely high-end smartphone worthy (It's what the HTC Desire has in the U.S.), there will be a noticeable difference. The upside? You'll actually be able to get a Droid Incredible. Seems worth it to me.


Brad Ganley
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  • Djkoz78

    So does that mean the phone will be cheaper now

    • Brad Ganley

      probably not.

  • Trayne

    Glad I got mine before the shortage! I wonder how this will affect battery life though...

    • Brad Ganley

      SLCD is supposed to rival AMOLED in efficiency and brightness, but only time will tell if it is a good replacement.