While we all wait for Google to officially institute PayPal as a payment option in the Android Market, Scoreloop has decided to beat Google to it by including it in their latest update. Developers who use Scoreloop with their games can now use PayPal to offer in-game purchases to gamers.


In-game purchasing is the key to many games success, and its implementation is essential if Google would like to lure developers to their platform. This business model, known as Freemium, allows gamers to get the full version of a game that would otherwise be a paid application and in exchange, the developer can offer premium in-game content for a fee.

Many games that have been very successful on Apple’s App Store use this business model and a lot of these games are really top quality. To get these games onto Android, there needs to be an in-game payment solution and while there are a lot of companies that offer this service, PayPal already has global reach, so including it in Scoreloop is a fairly smart move. So far this new addition to Scoreloop is being well received:

"This is great," said Hubert Sliwka, of Gamesoul studios. "PayPal is the best way to let users purchase additional in-game content, and I‚m relieved that Scoreloop is taking care of everything."

While paid applications and games on the Android market can only be accessed by 13 countries, the inclusion of PayPal into Scoreloop will allow developers to reach PayPal’s 200 million strong user base.

Scoreloop PayPal Android

Overall Solution

This allows developers to reach a much larger user base,  and hopefully we will see PayPal fully integrated into the Android market sooner rather than later. It’s a small step towards expanding Android’s reach, and, ultimately, making it more attractive to users and developers alike.

"Monetization is a real issue on Android. The Android Market's payment still has quite a bit of room for improvement, so developers are relying on ads to monetize," said Marc Gumpinger, Scoreloop CEO. "Scoreloop has already helped developers raise ad revenues with engagement tools, and with 100,000 new users per day Scoreloop is a key driver of activity on the Android platform. By adding PayPal support we now also make it easier for developers to directly monetize their games along with our virtual currency."

There’s clearly a desire for this to be officially integrated in some form by Google, so hopefully Scoreloop’s move will help motivate them to bake a solution in at the operating system level.

Source: DroidGamers

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  • Archos Gurrera

    While I can easily see why Google would prefer Google Checkout over anything else... I would like to note that PayPal does SCRAPE off quite a bit for themselves for each payment that is made.

    This alone is probably the biggest factor Google has to consider. Even if they don't make money off each purchase... the developer will probably see less per purchase than if the buyer used Google Checkout. Simply because PayPal's fees are outrageous.

  • Sam Yu

    Good job scoreloop - finally someone is finding a real monetizaion solution. Archos, seems you're speaking out of turn. How can PayPal be more expensive at 3% when android market, apple appstore and facebook all take 25-30% from their developers?

  • Alex

    this is a pretty sweet deal !

    1) use Google Market to let users download the game with advertising built in

    2) Implement scoreloop which lets game players share high scores and ultimately allows game players to "upgrade" ingame to remove the advertising

    ontop of that paypal is very well established so that anyone wanting to pay, has the opportunity to do so

  • Michael A.

    What Alex suggests may be a sweet deal. It also violates the Android Market TOS.

    The only thing you can use this Paypal option for would be to sell something like Scoreloop's "coins" or other digital goods that do not functionally affect your app (see 3.3 and 4.5 of the TOS). If you use Paypal to change your free app to a paid-for app, don't come crying if Google decides to ban your Android market account.