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 We've pinged our contact at Adobe for clarification, but this could be some fantastic irony: Adobe has raised the minimum requirements for Flash. Specifically, the minimum CPU requirement for mobile devices with WVGA resolutions has been bumped up to a Cortex A8 running at 800 MHz. With its 550 MHz CPU, the Droid/Milestone no longer meets the minimum.


We're not sure yet if this is retroactive - in other words, will the Droid receive an update that removes Flash support? Or does this only apply to new hardware going forward? Plenty of people still have the device - especially the Milestone in Europe. We have yet to hear back from Adobe for clarification, but once we do, we'll be sure to pass the word on.

The irony here is that Apple and Adobe had a very public spat over Flash, and for quite some time one of the big claims to Android was that it could provide the "full web experience." Still, it's better to go for quality rather than quantity - by raising the minimum, I'd guess they want to make sure that everyone with Flash has a solid experience.


[Sources: Adobe, MobileFlip.de via DroidForums]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • Matt

    Yeah, the trouble is that even on my 1GHz Desire I don't have a solid experience with Flash.

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Really? What kind of issues do you have? Seems to run just fine on my EVO.

  • Dre

    Runs perfect on my Nexus One........always have!!! :)

  • mark

    runs fine on my desire

  • Poor

    Since when a recommended minimum requirement is mandatory ?

    I think adobe is simply stating what they believe is needed

    Why are you assuming they will issue a release that will prevent unsupported CPU from running at all ???

    Sound like newspaper in need of a front page...

    • Aaron Gingrich

      "... *May* Be Killing"

      "We’ve pinged our contact at Adobe for clarification"

      "We’re not sure yet if this is retroactive – in other words, will the Droid receive an update that removes Flash support? Or does this only apply to new hardware going forward?"

      I don't mind criticism, but please read before doing so. I was at Adobe for a summit a few weeks ago and they made it clear they weren't going to allow Flash on devices that couldn't run it well. Not to mention that I said multiple times this might not be retroactive - as shown above.

  • Mikkel

    "On the one hand, even if it is retroactive it shouldn’t be a huge deal – the Droid has already been discontinued and Verizon offered early upgrades to the Droid X."

    The early upgrade applies to exactly ZERO Droid owners on contract. Verizon's early upgrade promotion applies to anyone with a contract expiring within the 2010 calendar year. The original Droid launched in Nov. 2009 meaning that, even if you bought it on launch day, you won't be eligible for an upgrade until July 2011. Still not a huge deal for Droid owners?

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Whoops, I definitely misunderstood the terms for upgrading. Updated, thanks!

  • http://www.tradingforexfx.com Clif

    I've had it with Motorola, first they say they may not update the Droid to Froyo, and the update roll-out is so far back, now Adobe is killing Flash?! I am not buying Motorola products anymore if they keep having such lousy supports. Can any renown websites out there say anything about this?

    • http://www.toysdiva.com PixelSlave

      You may very well leave the Android world if you are looking for a smartphone makers that behave differently. HTC may be slightly better, but it's no way we can call their support "great".

      The bottomline is, these are all HARDWARE company and all they care will forever be selling you new smartphone, not updating their old one.

      My solution is simple. I will wait a couple months when a new phone comes out and see if there's solid custom ROM development. I won't buy one that doesn't have a custom ROM.

      Right now, my Droid is running CM 7 nightly build, which actually feels like a much better phone than running the official Froyo.

  • chris

    Interesting that with the new update on my droid, the processor now runs at 800mhz. done

    • Aaron Gingrich


      • http://www.toysdiva.com PixelSlave

        Root + Overclocked Kernel + SetCPU.

        Mine is running at 1GHz with perfect stability. Not every Droid could run at 1GHz, though. My family have 4. Only mine can run stably at that speed. But all other 3 could run at 800MHz without any problems. From what I have heard, 800MHz is possible on almost every Droid.

  • chris

    YES, that has been what i experienced.

  • jd

    I don't know how people are bashing the moto Droid. my Droid has done everything I asked and more from a phone since the day I got it in november from playing the full nes and snes library of games almost flawlessly to downloading the fishing report and finding hidden fishing spots with my maps til now with flash player running amazingly well- (REMEMBER PEOPLE ITS A PHONE NOT!!!!!! I REPEAT NOOOOOOT A CIA SUPER COMPUTER)- for a phone I say great f***ing job Motorola kudos

  • Silver Fang

    Motorola seriously won't upgrade the Droid to Froyo? That doesn't give me much hope for the D2 getting Gingerbread then. Motorola only cares about their new phones. Once a phone is past six months old, it's as good as forgotten by them. If the carriers are going to hold us to two-year contracts, they should at least put pressure on the manufacturers to support these phones with updates.

    • http://www.toysdiva.com PixelSlave

      Which planet are you from? The Droid had been upgraded to Froyo officially for a long long times.