Last Updated: June 5th, 2012

Today, Jamezelle and I ripped apart the leaked system dump from the yet-to-be-released Verizon Samsung Fascinate and patched together six live wallpapers that are not present on other Galaxy S devices.

Like the previous Galaxy S live wallpapers, these must be flashed from a custom recovery, which also means you need to be rooted.

Download the zip below and flash it through your recovery menu like any other flashable zip. Depending on your device, the flashing process may take a minute, so just sit back, relax, and let your phone do its thing.

Do NOT try to unpack the zip and install the .apks manually - they rely on a special library packaged within the update.

For more information on root, head over here. This tutorial will show you how to install ROM Manager, which will enable you to flash a custom recovery, in order to use these live wallpapers.

Update: If you are looking for regular static wallpapers (.jpg) from the Fascinate, you can find them over at this AndroidCentral post.

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Samsung Fascinate Live WallPapers


Colored circles represents WI-FI networks floating in space and its status.



Ambient drapes of light dancing in harmony.

flow1 flow2


Tree branches in forest swaying and emitting light particles.

forest1 forest2

Layers Of Light

Layered light emitting stripes in movement.

layers.of.light1 layers.of.light2


An illumination of light behind a web of matrix.

luminescence1 luminescence


Trails of light flow on moving curves. Dazzling spark is generated when the lights cross.

sparks1 sparks2


To uninstall individual wall papers after flashing you must use adb and the following commands

adb uninstall com.tat.livewallpaper.layersoflight

adb uninstall com.tat.livewallpaper.forest

adb uninstall com.tat.livewallpaper.flow

adb uninstall com.tat.livewallpaper.connection

adb uninstall com.tat.livewallpaper.luminescence

adb uninstall com.tat.livewallpaper.spark

You can also discuss these wallpapers over at DroidForums.net.

Justin Case
Justin Case is a 30yr old father of four. He has an ever changing array of Android devices, and an eye for mobile security.
  • Jacob

    Are these different than the ones Android Central released last week?

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      If you're talking about these, then yeah - those are just still images and the ones here are live wallpapers. They did come from the same system dump though.

  • http://www.hisandhersandroid.com ryaninc

    This will surprise no one, but I thought I'd share: These do not seem to work on the G1. I'm rooted, running CM6, the file flashes just fine, wallpapers show up in the list, but they load total blackness when set.

    Oh well, I expected as much, but had to try. :-)

  • Jon

    Flashed on Vibrant, they don't show after reboot.

    • larry

      update.zip method didnt work nor do installing .apk.. i got them working on i9000 galaxy s. by copying lib to system/lib and apks to data/app with root explorer.

      then they work fine.

  • moco22

    uh Luminescence beautiful, but not work Galaxy S froyo 2.2.
    :( I'm sad

  • Dave Keeling

    Did the same as larry. Works like a charm. Very nice live papers. Thanks for the tip larry. :)

  • GXnext

    Oops... I downloaded the Zip directly onto my Stock Epic 4G, and unzipped with the stock unzip app directly onto the SDCard/Download/fasclwp_ap folder. from there I went to data>app and installed each wallpaper individually... and they work fine... :( yet I'm scared because I didn't discover I the directions NOT to do this unless your device is rooted or something until after the fact XO I'm such a noob!

    • Justin Case

      If it works, it works. Some devices might have the needed library, some don't.

  • Subaru Man

    Why do half of these wallpapers request access to your contacts and other personal information?

    • Justin Case

      Would have to ask the developer of them

  • JB

    I flashed this, but LWP's didn't show up in my list. After reading this thread, I unzipped to a folder on the sd card and installed them separately. They work pretty well, but are a little boring.

  • the stig

    is there anyone that can give me a walkthrough on how to install these or at least the luminecence LWP. i'm extremely new to the whole android and rooting thing. i have the samsung galaxy spica (bought it already rooted) and also use a mac. so alot of the steps won't work for me since you need a windows computer for access.

    or does anyone know when these will be openly available to install without having to do all the steps.... just a basic install like all other LWPs.

    thanks !

  • Marius

    Can You give me the Forest Live Wallpaper Apk For Not rooted galaxy S

  • exn0va

    Well it's maybe a bit to late now, but it seems the download link is broken (it was created 4 years ago after all). Would somebody please help me getting the .zip? Please :)