Not a bad news day for a Friday, eh? Android Central just got an awesome tip (and accompanying blurrycam photo from the Verizon system) which seems to confirm the rumored launch details of the Samsung Fascinate. Namely, the device will be launching 9/9 with new-contract pricing of $200. Better still, it'll be buy-one-get-any (BOGA) - in other words, it looks like you can actually get two Fascinate's for $200. Not a bad deal at all.


While this definitely looks reliable, keep in mind that this sort of thing can always change at the last minute - so take it with a small grain of salt.

[Source: Android Central]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • silex

    So does this mean that if I'm on a family plan I can get 2 of these and if i dont activate one then i can save it as a back up no prob and not get charged the $30 a month data?

    • Aaron Gingrich

      You'd have to sign up for 2 lines. Not sure what you mean by the not getting charged $30/mo for data... it's a smartphone, so you'd have to get the data plan.

      • silex

        I mean like if i order it online... we have 4 lines on our family plan that are eligible for upgrades so if i upgrade 2 with the bogo fascinate and just not activate one, like keep the old phone on it, we wouldn't be charged the data, and i would have the 2nd fascinate as a backup

        • Aaron Gingrich

          I'm not sure... you may be able to, but usually with smartphones you have to put the smartphones you purchase on a data plan in order to get the discounted price. Still, worth a try - I'd suggest going to the store to do it though, I think you'd have the best chance in person.

  • silex

    Ok but for some reason I really think it will work. Because I know that if i activate a smartphone on a line then take it off the data comes off with it. But i am gonna give it a shot

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Good luck, let me know how it goes :)

  • aynonimiz

    I would tend to believe this deal to be real. I was at the mall yesterday and saw a T-Mobile kiosk offering the same deal for the vibrant. Must be the new big deal. I hope the trend keeps up!

  • Nathan

    They wouldn't let me do that with the BOGO Blackberry deal. You have to activate both phones with data plans. If you cancel one after that, you will be charged the cancellation fee of $5 million dollars :o)

    I'm really curious about the Fascinate price. I heard BestBuy was pre-sale for something like $349 with a mail-in rebate.