According to HTC's official Twitter account, Twitter and the manufacturer have ironed out the bugs that were created when Twitter changed its authorization system a few days ago and broke both Peep and Friend Stream logins:


I have tested it on my EVO and can confirm that it is working properly. I'm not sure how such a major screwup could have fallen through the cracks at HTC, but let's hope it won't happen again.

Brad Ganley
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  • John Doe

    Umm no bugs were created with this changeover. HTC simply ignored the warning Twitter put out 8 months ago that they were discontinuing simple authentication and it bit them in the butt.

  • Nick

    HTC Peep stil IS NOT working on Windows Mobile devices!

  • Dami

    My user not works in WM, Android and with moTweets: same problem in more platforms / softwares

  • reese

    still wasn't working for me. so i signed off. now, can't sign on. grrr!

  • Fred

    I think this problem won't go away over night... it either needs to be sorted via twitter for good, or htc should release a bug fix ASAP!!!

    Windows Mobile phones htc peep status updates work, but do not log out... you log out, you can't get back in. I learn't that the hard way.

    Or Twitter or HTC are working hard at fixing it, which may explain why it works for some, and not for others.

    If Android is the only platform working, then I wonder what's up with the developers. they should realize that some people pay huge amounts for these phones and now they can't use some of these features.

    This means the inconvenience of downloading an app when I already have one that should do the job.

    Inconvenience I say.

  • Michelle

    Ugh !!! still not working on my htc hd 2 i keep getting the login incorrect. I keep trying and its the same.when will they fix this????

  • Guest1