Chalk this one up under the 'lame' category: looks like the T-Mobile G2's CPU ticks along at just 800 MHz. In a world of 1+ GHz smart phones, that's definitely something of a letdown.

A slower clock speed doesn't always equate to lesser performance - but without any solid previous benchmarks to illustrate what this new(er) CPU is really capable of, it's hard to say whether this is going to be nearly as adequate as T-Mobile claims.


In hindsight, the fact that the G2 is a HSPA+ device could have been something of a giveaway as to the underlying hardware - check out this piece from February 2009 that states that the Scorpion CPU will integrate CPU and GPU functionality, as well as HSPA+.

Looks like we'll just have to wait a few more weeks to see just how much of a monster (or not) the G2 ends up being. If nothing else, the dev community should be able to whip something up to improve performance.

[Source: BGR, T-Mobile]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • Cesar

    Here we go again T-mobile always efing yourself over. There is no reason why this phone should not have a 1ghz processor. I knew it was too good to be true coming from T-mobile. What's the point of all the secrecy and the hype and then not have at least a 1ghz processor. Epic Fail T-mobile IMO...

  • JB

    c'mon... mhz is not the end-all, be-all. this chipset is supposed to have 4x more gpu than the nexus one. that means less cpu is needed to power the graphics. I'm pretty sure this will run faster than the nexus one, and the less mhz saves battery life.

    mhz is like horsepower on a car. other factors in addition weigh heavily on the performance of the overall product.

    • Aaron Gingrich

      I'm more inclined to agree with you rather than Cesar, but again, I want to wait and see before I make any wild speculation and make myself look like an ass ;)

    • Cesar

      I hope you are right dude.

  • allen tomes

    I'm fairly certain this is underclocked as well, since the chipset isn't even made at a 800mhz speed from what I could tell with a brief amount of research

  • David Ruddock

    800MHz is the min clock speed for this new chipset.

    Given the beefy new 2D/3D GPUs on-board, the CPU clock speed on the G2 shouldn't affect a whole lot. It will also have a significant positive effect on battery life.

    Of course, your e-pe... errrrr linpack scores might not be quite as large.

  • Cesar

    I dunno it all sounds good but I'm still not convinced. Guess we will have to wait for more info or a review...

  • Joe

    The chip is a 1Ghz underclocked at 800Mhz... if you don't like it being underclocked when you get it, just change the clock speed.

    • Cesar

      I guess that is always an option but if what jb is true then it wont be necessary.

  • JohnB

    Guys, Snapdragon processor found in G2 is not the same as what you will see in other Snapdragon based phones of today. G2 uses MSM7230 while others use QDS8x50.

    MSM7230 differs in two significant ways - manufactured using 45nm technology (likely to consume less power) and contains a new GPU called Adreno 205 (as opposed to Adreno 200 in QSD 8x50). Adreno 205 is about 3-4 times FASTER than Adreno 200! It remains to be seen if Adreno 205 will outperform PowerVR SGX540 found in Galaxy S phones, but certainly it will be close. Adreno 205 will outperform iPhone 4's GPU.

    If you want to know more about Adreno 205, here's a nice article to read:


    • Cesar

      Sounds good....

  • John Doe

    That really was the last straw. For some reason there was a shred of interest in the G2 and MAYBE staying on T Mobile. This cinched it....Sprint or bust in Late September beginning of October.