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In case you’re one of many people eagerly awaiting the successor of the original Android phone, you may be excited to hear that CellPhoneSignal has some high-quality (albeit quite small), official pictures of the upcoming T-Mobile G2, which show off just how nice that keyboard looks (not to mention how good vanilla FroYo looks, too).

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So, what do you think? Is this first HSPA+ compatible handset not enough for you to leave your Vibrant? Keyboard not good enough to leave your trusty old G1? Planning on buying one on launch day? Tell us in the comments!

Source: CellPhoneSignal

  • John Doe

    Yah I'm more then a little bitter and pissed off it took them this long to actually release a real update to the G1 vs. all those other half ***ed devices that were just as maddeningly slow. (See the Cliq as a perfect example of the same damn device in another shell.)

    Sorry T Mobile. When my contract expires in Nov you can go to hell. I'm moving on the Spring where they actually release new phones in a timely manner and don't update phone simply because they are concerned about loosing contracts.

  • ihatefanboys

    wow john doe...bitter and pissed off about a phone ?? lol are u serious... goto sprint, u 2 deserve each other.

  • nats007

    I'm looking forward to the t-mobile G2. I still use my G1 today (rooted and running CM 2.1 ROM) and I have no complaints. I've waited patiently for the G2 and glad it's coming when it is.

  • Jesse

    My contract ends in October (early adopter), so I'm torn between the G2 and the Vibrant. I don't really want to give up a physical keyboard, but I also would like to have a real headphone jack on my phone.

    So far, none of the pictures have featured the top of the G2. So, I have no idea whether or not there's a headphone jack. If there is, consider me signed up.

  • John

    Yeah if it has a headphone jack I want it. Thank God it has vanilla Android. Ugh I want a front-facing camera though...


  • Deon

    I'd bet money it'll have a headphone jack. Hopefully HDMI out as well. Every moden T-Mobile Android phone has a 3.5mm jack. It's not really an 'update to the G1' it's just a label T-Mobile threw onto one of HTC's latest phones. I like the physical keyboard and will be giving up my N1 in exchange for this phone. Compared to the Vibrant this phone has HSPA+, Comparable CPU and Graphics [better than N1], 4-way D-Pad on the front (Droid 2, Droid X, Galaxy S are all missing this one simple feature, I play so many games that work great with the D-Pad, some would be impossible to play without it), LED Flash for the camera, and the keyboard of course.