It's August 31st and like clockwork, the first CDMA Galaxy S counterpart of the T-Mobile Vibrant and AT&T Captivate, the Epic 4G is finally available both online and in stores.

If you've been following our Epic 4G coverage, you would know that:


Raving reviews are coming in through Twitter as well:



I know I will be picking 3 of these up shortly for my friends and family. How about you?

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  • Kane

    Picked 2 up this morning. So far, LOVE the screen and everything about them. Off to play with mine now.

  • EVO

    Way to go Sprint!

    Welcome to the big leagues, Epic. Looking good!

    Your big (and still slightly better) brother -

  • http://www.b1zzle.com B1zzle

    Still loving this phone more and more, the built in panorama setting in the camera is efffing super sweet! -B1zzle