Looks like Amazon isn't going to wait a few weeks to drop the price on the Epic 4G: they're already offering it for $200, $50 less than the other big-name stores. The device won't ship until launch (August 31), but they're offering free two-day shipping - albeit, with a minor disclaimer:

The new Samsung Epic from Sprint is now available for pre-order and should begin shipping on August 31, 2010. Due to demand for this device, you may experience a slight shipping delay.


"See price in cart?" Oh Amazon, you're so sneaky.

I suppose that's to be expected with such a major launch, but it's hard not to wonder if Sprint wouldn't be doing a little better right now if they could actually keep up with the demand for their hottest hardware. Hell, this thing might turn out to be even harder to get than the EVO - a fair number of reviewers judged it to be a better phone, and it seems that all reviewers had a pretty high opinion of it.

Thanks for the tip, Mark H.!

[Source: Amazon]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • andromadhaun

    When I saw the headline, I thought it meant you could get the Epic 4G for $200 even though you were already on a contract.

    Got me all excited, and then I saw the screenshot that clarified "with NEW service plan".

    :-( Oh well, my Evo is still a great phone.

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Whoops, sorry! Updated title to make it clearer.

  • orangearrows

    The deal has been available for a couple of days now.

    • Carmex

      Surprised this hasn't made the news rounds sooner then. I have 2 of these on pre-order at Radio Shack. Gotta think of something to do with the gift cards they made me buy to hold my spot in line.

  • jack

    so, what should i get?
    evo or epic????????

    i'm so confused.......

    i am used to a kb, but can live without it, if the onscreen one will be fine.
    but am looking for the specs on phone should be fine.
    i love a good phone, and great camera!!!

    • Aaron Gingrich

      I think they're both great phones - I own an EVO and love it, and I've played with other Galaxy S phones and think they're awesome too. They both take good pictures (for a phone), as well. I think it really comes down to whether you need a KB or not - but keep in mind that a slide-out KB adds size.

    • orangearrows

      It's a touch decision. Best is to wait for August 31st launch - go check out both the phones at the SPRINT store.

      About the EPIC what will strike you the most is the screen. It's super gorgeous.

      Epic has a SUPER AMOLED Display
      EVO has a TFT LCD Display

      But the EVO has a 8MP camera.
      Epic has a 5MP
      Both have front facing cameras

      Both do 720P HD video recording.

      EVO has HDMI out
      EPIC has video out using it's headphone jack(composite cables- found one for $9.99 on AMZ). I did see a youtube video demoing the video feature ( on the Vibrant) and it looks great too.

      Both have front facing cameras

      The EPIC has 1GB of internal storage out of which only about 400MB is available. Sprint provides a 16gb SD card. Note that even with FROYO you can only so some apps ( sd card compatible ) to the SD card. Some apps have to be native to the ROM and that can be a limitation in the long run. With faster processor speeds and better performance of the OS devs are making more and more memory intensive apps these days. By next year you can have some APPS occupying 10MB+ space in the memory. Google Maps already takes about 8.9 Mb on G1. I feel the memory pinch cos with the limited memory of the g1 and me loading more and more apps - phone performance drops big time. So keep that in mind. Also the max space on the EPIC is 1GB + 32 GB Sd card =33GB

      Here is a listing comparing specs with other phones. No EVO/EPIC comparison but at least it lists more of the specs


      Also what SAMSUNG might be able to offer is a new MEDIA HUB. Here is a portion discussing that feature from the skattertech website

      Samsung Media Hub
      Much like the Blockbuster App on the Droid X (and Droid 2), Samsung’s pre-installed Media Hub application brings movies to the Epic over the air. The service offers the option to both purchase and rent movies at fairly reasonable prices. Rentals were as affordable as $3 for a 24 hour licence and pricing for purchases reach up to $20. Unlike Blockbuster’s app, the Samsung Media Hub offers progressive viewing, meaning that you can begin watching a show while it is still downloading. There are indicators to show the amount downloaded and the current position of playback

      Hope this helps

  • orangearrows

    Also note the the SAMSUNG EPIC does not have TouchWiz 3.0 as loaded on the other Galaxy S Vibrant and Captivate

    It comes with TouchWiz 2.5 which does not have all the features of the 3.0 version

  • orangearrows