Sure, FroYo for the Droid Incredible was out and about this morning, and FroYo for the original Droid rolled out a while ago, and now we've got even more update news, this time for owners of the original Droid.

If you recall, (don't worry, I don't either) the first FroYo update for the original Droid brought many things, but downloading Adobe Flash player from the Market was not among them. Well, according to an email sent from Verizon to Engadget, a second OTA update will be rolling out soon that will enable the download.

Anyone seeing the update on their OG Droid yet? How's the performance? Sound off in the comments!

Sources: Engadget

Jaroslav Stekl
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  • Enigma

    I have Adobe flash from a source other than the market. It works fairly well but I have issues with sites like dodge.com viewing the flash setup for the new durango and the RAM trucks. Every flash I've run into has an arrow pointing down so you can activate the content. Granted I'm using dolphin browser and the original may enable it right off.I don't have experience with that. Most content its relatively seemless but when playing embedded videos from youtube.com its a little laggy. I'd assume from a lack of buffering.

  • Ben Tupper

    Since I updated to Froyo I've been missing lots of calls b/c it has totally F'd up my ringer settings. No notification for texts either, even though the phone is supposed to vibrate when a text comes in. Also, visual voice mail is buggy now. It defaults to speaker and will not let me change the output back to earpiece. This also changes my phone setting to speaker by default... grrrrrrrr! Wish I could go back. These updates, while they may enhance some behind the scenes stuff, on the usability side are not that impressive, and I notice my GPS is running off and on now too at random. My initial reply to this update is FAIL. No Flash and No wireless either. FAIL.

  • cyber75sax

    5 days since the FRG22 rollout and no sign of the update for my phone. I thought I'd wait for this one, since I already downloaded Adobe flash.

    HUGE battery issues since the 01 update, though.