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We still have no official word on when Verizon will be launching the Samsung Fascinate, and with the not-so-reliable track record of rumors and speculation in the Android community, we're not looking to hazard a guess.

Still, it's nice to know things are moving along: a Phandroid tipster says that Verizon warehouses are starting to receive shipments of the device. On the downside, while the Fascinate is in the Verizon system, it hasn't made its way into their equipment guide.


Phandroid ventures the guess that it will be launching sometime in September, based on the (admittedly convincing) argument that there are no other Android devices launching in the month, other than the R2-D2 Droid 2. On the flip side, earlier reports (based on leaks) suggested the Fascinate wouldn't launch until October. Who knows?

[Source: Phandroid]

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    In any case, despite the many flaws, I would still choose this over the Motorola phones in a heartbeat. While some may have a hard time imagining anyone choosing this over a Droid, I for one (as I’ve said before) simply do not like the design of the Motorola phones, nor do I like the custom UI on them. Plus, the X is just too big for me, and the D2 has a physical keyboard, which I hate. I did have my heart set on the Incredible, but the battery life is atrocious, and I’m getting tired of Sense UI, so tired, in fact, that I just flashed a custom non-Sense (no pun intended) Froyo ROM on my Eris. Btw, this got me MUCH better battery life