[Update @ 1:10 PM EST by Aaron] Looks like the update is rolling out starting tomorrow. Nice!


Despite the fact that FroYo for the Droid Incredible's big brother - Sprint's  EVO 4G - was officially released a few weeks ago, the Incredible itself has yet to receive the update.

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We still don't have an official release date (although there are countless rumors floating around), but we may now be one step closer: a new FroYo ROM for the Incredible has been released. It isn't clear whether this is a leaked version of the update that will (hopefully) be rolling out over the air soon, or if this is just something put together based on another device's update. Either way, it would be hard to complain about having the opportunity to get FroYo on your phone before Verizon is officially ready.

Source: Shipped-ROMs via Android Central

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  • IncredReboot

    Not exactly on topic, but I hope the forthcoming froyo will fix this major problem --- anybody found a fix?!
    Just my 2 cents on the issue. I've had the phone for about 2 months and the first month it rebooted periodically, but not unbearalbe. In the past few weeks the reboots have become more frequent - about 5-20 per day. I got stuck in the reboot loop the other day when my battery was at 15% power. Usually it reboots and comes back on fine. I has done this during a call, during navigation, launching a program, but has also done it while in standby in my pocket, etc. I called VZW yesterday and the gave me the usual, "we haven't had this issue reported..." response. I told them to check the web, there are hundreds of responses on forums and message boards about this VERY common issue. They recommended a hard reset, I said no thanks...I'll wait for froyo to possibly fix the issue. So for now I'm holding my breath...this is a great device, not a great phone mind you, but a great device - IF it would stay powered on!!!

    • Seth

      My dad had this exact same issue with his evo. He called Sprint and they replaced without any problem.

      Seems to be an HTC issue, but I don't know what it could be caused by.

      • Dano

        So err ever thought that maybe your phone is a lemon? Get them to replace it!!!!

  • Bill

    I've been very active on many forums; typically the folks experiencing the rebbot issues are folks that have overclocked their device using custom ROM's.

    If you are still unrooted and using SW 2.1 and are experiencing this issue then you most likely have a hardware issue with your phone.

    I've never had the issue you describe nor has any of my colleagues (several have the incredible).

    FYI the Froyo update is WELL WORTH IT !!!

  • IncredReboot

    I'm not rooted, so hopefully it's not a hardware issue. We'll see if the coming froyo helps, if not warranty replacement here I come. Guess I'll have to look at some backup tips...what a pain!

  • http://eugeneorourke.com eorourke

    The Froyo update is hitting Incredible phones, but is being released in batches (similar to historical Verizon updates). If you just can’t wait for the OTA and would like to manually update your Droid Incredible, download the update and follow the instructions here: http://eugeneorourke.com/blog/how-to-manually-update-the-droid-incredible-to-froyo/