Last Updated: August 27th, 2010

Based on a tweet by Cyanogen, the G2 isn't going to be sporting another rehash of the Snapdragon family of chipsets that has come to dominate HTC devices for the past 6 months.

You may remember back in November of 2009 (or maybe not, I didn't) that Qualcomm demoed an updated family of chipsets for mobile multimedia devices. The name of that chipset is the remarkably catchy MSM7X30 (really has a ring to it, no?), and it's bringing a little more to the table than its predecessors.

We already knew the G2 would be shipping with HSPA+ connectivity (the first phone to have it), but that's only one of the goodies Qualcomm's upgraded chipset will be offering:

  • 720P video encoding (recording) and decoding at 30FPS
  • Integrated 2D/3D GPU's with OpenGL ES 2.0 and Open VG 1.1 API support
  • 5.1 surround sound output
  • Up to 12 megapixel camera support
  • Integrated GPS
  • Support for processor speeds between 800MHz and 1GHz (Scorpion CPU's, same as Snapdragon's)

All of this considered, the G2's spec sheet could really cause some heads to explode. Aside from what we've listed, Qualcomm is also touting that it is one of their most power-efficient chipsets. The new GPU could make the G2 the must-have gaming phone among Android devices, perhaps even besting the currently 3D-frontrunner, Samsung's Galaxy S.

All of this information is derived from what we know of Qualcomm's chipset, though. The actual specs of the G2 may vary, depending heavily on HTC's work to integrate the chipset's new features into the Android OS. Only time will tell, but this beats the next-to-absolutely-nothing we knew about the G2's spec sheet just yesterday.

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Source: @cyanogen

David Ruddock
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  • ihatefanboys

    wow, i didnt know this was a full confirmation on the chipset, after reading it on another android site, but coming from cyanogen i take it almost like from the bible...cant wait to see the official specs either from HTC or TMOBILE.....if this doesnt shut up the negative idiots out there, i dont think anything will....tmobile G2 with dominate the android world.

  • anakin78z

    Wow, if this phone really comes with vanilla Android, that may just make it the hottest thing out there upon launch. A great G1 successor indeed (and I have a bunch of friends with G1's who are waiting for something just like this!)

  • Tristan

    Same here Anakin. I know a lot of G1 owners who were so happy when I showed them this. With the right ad campaign this could be the hottest seller for T-Mobile ever.

  • http://a2ztech.wordpress.com/ Saurabh

    Wow, that is one hell of a successor for the G1. Amazing CPU specs.

  • inglesita

    Please, please, please have an LED flash on this one. The Samsung Galaxy S was a bust for me without the flash. If this HTC beauty also has a flash, I'm committing to T-Mobile once again. If not, Verizon may get a longtime T-Mobile customer.

  • smooth3d

    It does has flash, look st the released pics.

  • Pachi

    It's about time HTC puts out a better chipset than the shitty Snapdragon.

  • Tim Ardan

    Hey, T-Mobile and HTC. PLEASE don't skimp out on this device. Give us the 1ghz.

  • Mormegil83

    I don't see how this will best the samsungs hummingbird processor??? No mention of different GPU aka 24M t/s Vs 90M t/s. Every Snapdragon and curent high end chipset does 720p. 12MP camera is going to be crap quality on a phone (and won't happen in the lifetime of this chipset anyway). The only thing it may improve is batter with the ~40nm process, but that's just playing catch up anyway. OMAP and Hummingbird have already been there! Plus HTC has horrible quality control! They look pretty and are relatively cost effective but at the cost of build quality. No Thanks! Only thing this has on any other phone is vanilla android and possibly will be new dev phone. But that doesn't even really matter either cuz every phone other than motos can flash whatever rom they want anyway... YAWN!!!!

  • Mormegil83

    OK just read on androidandme it may have Adrino205 rather than 200 which could offer 4x performance over the previous. So it would be about the same level, BUT IT IS ALL STILL ONLY PLAYING CATCH UP, and screen is small :-P I'd switch in a heart beat to this phone if i thought it would be better. I'm out of contract, but Epic 4g just seems to be equal to or superior in every way, except the vanilla android part (which is understandable, but custom ROMs solves that!)...

    • anakin78z

      Playing catchup, or keeping with the times? I don't think that's bad, considering the timing we're talking about is a few mere months.
      If this phone is somewhat on par with the Epic 4g, that makes two really great phones available on two different carriers, at which point it comes to personal preferences.
      As far as quality control, Samsung released Galaxy S phones with broken gps, a broken file system which slows the phone way down, and terrible Engrish in the interface, so I don't think there's any benefit there over HTC.
      And while custom ROMs MIGHT solve things for some people, they really won't for most. Having vanilla android on the phone from the start will benefit most users right away, and likely will continue to do so in the long run.

      • Pachi

        Yeah but if HTC would get the hummingbird on their phones installed of Quaalcomm shit their phone would be so mch better.

        • anakin78z

          How would they be so much better? Have we seen any sort of benefit from the hummingbird yet? I'm pretty sure the Nexus One can still load a heavy javascript site faster than the Galaxy S right now. I've used the Droid X and found no noticeable difference between it and the Nexus as far as normal usage of the phone. I can't think of any way that the hummingbird benefits anyone right now at this moment. In a half a year? I'm sure by then we'll see apps that make the most of it, but I'll attribute it to the hummingbird coming 6 months later than the snapdragon, and by that time something else will be the new hotness.
          I think that new Qualcomm chip will do just fine.

  • Mormegil83

    I can agree that everything with the G2 is a nice step in the right direction. I just don't think it's anything exciting. The comments on samsungs quality control are all valid points as well. I do like vanilla android over a skin, but in contrary to what you say regarding most people won't use custom ROMs making vanilla better for them, I would have to disagree. The kind of people that won't root and won't install ROMs are the people that won't appreciate the minimalist appeal and speed of vanilla Android. They would be happier with a skin like Sence... All just my opinion and I think the G2 will be a fantastic phone, I for one just don't see the cause for so much excitement...

  • / David

    So if Desire Z is supporting 720p @ 30fps so should Desire HD, right (and not just 22fps like the current Desire)?