This has got to be one of the most useful things I’ve seen in my tenure here, although I may be biased because I own an EVO. XDA forum member nief1313 is in the (very slow) process of compiling the results of testing and benchmarking a ton of EVO ROMs. When I say a ton, I mean 11:

  1. Stock Froyo
  2. CyanogenMod 6 RC2
  3. DamageControl 3.5
  4. Fresh EVO
  5. BakedSnack 1.2.5
  6. Burnt Droid 1.0
  7. EViO 2 Series v1.0.2
  8. EViO 2 Series v1.1
  9. Ava-FroyoV3RevA
  10. OMJ’s v2.1
  11. FroYo Fusion 2.3

Quite the comprehensive list, and a popular one at that: as I write this, there 27 people are viewing the spreadsheet. He hasn’t completed all (or even most) of the benchmarks - but what’s done so far is plenty useful. (Disclaimer: I’d been sitting on this for about a week waiting to see if it would be finished, but progress seems understandably slow.) Most notably absent are stock Froyo benchmarks; still, it’s amazing to see the amount of variation even between custom ROMs. On stock clocks, Linpack scores vary from 39.8 to 33.3, fps2d ranges from 54 fps to 29, and quadrants hit anywhere from 1312 to 737.


If you’re an EVO owner with a rooted device, it’s definitely worth a look. If you’re rooted but not running a custom ROM, you’re definitely missing out. And if you aren’t rooted... well, what are you waiting for?

[Source: XDA-Devs, Nief1313 (Spreadsheet)]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • @amarquart

    What "Im waiting for"... cruel. Decided to upgraded to 2.2 before looking for rooting directions. Big mistake. I'm stuck for now. No one has steps for rooting 2.2 yet. As far as I can see in XDA Forums. Unless you know something?

  • 3107

    I want to root, but I bought my Evo and it came pre loaded with 2.2. It is my understanding that there is no root for it yet. Patiently (kinda) waiting for it to be available.

    • Aaron Gingrich

      See above :)

  • chris ponciano

    Nice find!

    My Current stats this morning for my Fresh EVO Rom are:

    Linpack time 33.426
    Linpack Res 5.68
    FPS2D Avg-30 Stdev-6.57
    Quadrant score 1162

    Keep in mind its a couple weeks old, my phone is in no way a fresh install, i have a bunch of crap installed in it right now, and i have been checking the woo-off nonstop for the past few hours, so theres a bunch of background stuff running.

  • chris ponciano

    Did a fresh restart and tried again.

    FPS2D - AVG-30 Stdev-7.20
    Linpack - mflops - 32.443 - Time - 2.59 res- 5.68
    Quadrant 1072

    weired, i wonder if running fps2d first killed the Linpack and quadrant scores.

    restarted and ran Linpack first, still got 32.696, so averaging out three runs from each test heres the scores...

    Linpack (3 run average) - 32.855
    Quadrant (3 run average) - 1119
    FPS2D (3 run average) - 30 @ 6.61

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Run the test a few more times, the Linpack and Quadrant scores seem low, and both cache. It took me 5 or 6 runs of quadrant to max out, I think.

      • chris ponciano

        yeah theyre kinda low, but way better than the stock 2.1, i was getting 8-9 on linpack and like around 800 on quadrant.

        Its somewhat a screwed result seeing as how i realized i had setcpu running, woot-off running, gmail was downloading etc..

        I know i tried quadrant when i first installed fresh and i hit a 1465, since then its been downhill, lol

        • Aaron Gingrich

          Wow, on stock 2.1 I got 6.2 average... flashing Fresh bumped me up to 6.9. I'd bet stock Froyo ROM would hit around 35 MFLOPS.

          Edit: Just to clarify, I run CM6 now - I get around 41 MFLOPS average and 1450ish quadrant.

        • chris ponciano

          I hope he gets the stock 2.1 rom on that list just for comparison/ inspiration for the people holding out on upgrading to realize what theyre missing.

          Ive been hearing good things about the CM6, but thought i saw something about it not being fully ported, hows cm6 running for you? i like those numbers, would be willing to reflash to that rom to try it out.

  • http://jjsan.eu jjsan

    My month old desire got better results :O

  • Marcel v.

    Yes I'm a newbie here and had my Evo since it first came out and I have been reading on whatever I can find about rooting and custom roms but can't seem to find any comparisons on them. Would appreciate a link or any info.

  • Marcel v.

    Thanks for the responses. I understand most of the spreadsheet but don't with Linpack, fps2d, I'm guessing that it is the method used and frames per second in 2 dimension, what is quadrant? What does each Rom do? What sets them apart from the rest?

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Linpack, fps2d, and Quadrant are all synthetic benchmarks. The scores represent performance in various tests - similar to how cars are rated based on horsepower, torque, miles per gallon, and so on. In all 3 tests, higher is better - although for fps2d, those that are getting 30 are limited by choice.

      The ROMs are all different. Some are pretty close to stock but without the bloatware and with a few optimizations. Some take you to stock (vanilla) Android (like the Nexus One), and some provide a skinned version. To find more specifics on the differences, you'd really have to look at their threads. XDA-Devs is the best place to look:


      Hope it helps :)

      • Marcel v.

        Thanks, so much input! been reading off and on all day with very little note taking and so much abbreviations I'm starting to get irritated cuz I want to know what everything does or is or do NOW, but I can't learn about everything in one day? Right?
        Thanks again Aaron

        • Aaron Gingrich

          Absolutely, that's what we're here for :)

  • http://corelements.com Don

    I have HTC Evo 2.2 which I rooted recently using this method.

    Now, that I am rooted with ClockworkMod Recovery, I still have no custom ROM installed. I have been reading about a lot of fabulous works but I haven't been successful in installing one.

    I installed ROM Manager from Market. It is supposed to make ROM implementation a breeze. However, every time I installed a ROM, I would get stuck at the final reboot. My phone displays the welcome flash, for example, the Fresh Evo, and plays it over and over and over. I tried other ROMs and I would always get stuck at the same spot.

    What am I doing wrong? Please advise.

    Thank you very much.

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Have you wiped your phone? Do a full wipe - cache, dalvik, and factory wipe - and then install the ROM.

      • Chris ponciano

        Damn beat me to it, yeah exactly what Aaron said, you gotta lose everything first, but surprisingly beyond settings and apps, Google does an awesome job pulling everything from your gmail when you sign in like cal, contacts and emails

  • Genesis21

    I'm planning on installing one of these custom ROM's.

    Which one of these custom ROM's provides the best performance and features to date?


    • Aaron Gingrich

      Both CM6 and Fresh provide good performance. If you want to keep Sense UI, I'd go with Fresh. If you want a more stripped-down Android, go with CM6. CM6 is based on stock Android code, where Fresh is built on HTC's ROMs. What this means is that updates to the Android OS will hit CM6 before Fresh. I've run both, and they're both great.

      • marcel v.

        I've been rooted since unrevoked came out w/ 3.2 and love it, flash a few Rom and I really like the theme to omj's sapphire. If I flashed either cm6 or fresh could I keep that theme and still remain with current 3.29 update? I searched high and low with no luck.


  • jesus

    hey i run on froyo or whatever 2.2
    i want to run on something else then other then htc iv seen some in youtube but how do you instal it...... i dont get it ...