Remember that pesky rumor sparked up by Mashable a while back, claiming that the Incredible would be receiving the Froyo OTA update right about now? Well, if you are still clutching your phone and frantically checking for system updates as the day 08/18 draws to a close … you can take a rain check on that system update. Tweeted out earlier by the Verizon Wireless support account @VZWsupport, there is no confirmed date for the Froyo release and it will not be happening today. Sorry guys.

Source : Twitter via AndroidCentral

Brian O'Toole
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  • Trapster

    It's not nice to keep us early adopters of the Incredible waiting. How about it HTC/Verizon?

  • Jason

    I'm so glad we all went out and bought the newest HTC Android phone on Verizon, just to be left in the dust with the new upgrade. WTF. Come on.

    • jason is a douche

      Jason is a douche.

  • jason sucks balls

    Yeah, i heard that he is a douche and he sucks balls. And yes, we are talking about the jason in the comments here - the same dumb j.o. who doesnt understand how updates to androidOS work. What lame ass retarded douche jason is.