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Word has it that id Software is considering releasing their newest hit game, Rage, onto the Android platform. During QuakeCon 2010 live keynotes, id announced that they would be bringing Rage to the iPhone/iPad and that the Android platform was being considered.

Rage by id Software is the newest addition to their FPS line of games; it has become extremely popular and received three Game Critics awards this year at E3: Best Console Game, Best Action Game, and Special Commendation for Graphics. Currently only available for the PC, Xbox360 and the PS3, Rage was demonstrated during the live keynotes at QuakeCon 2010 running on an iPhone 4.

One would think that the FPS (frames-per-second this time - not First Person Shooter) on a heavy graphical game such as this must have been around 2FPS but actually it was running at a steady 60FPS (!). The entire keynote was not only focused on the fact Rage is coming to the iPhone but that Android was also a possibility. Considering the hardware of new Android phones, the performance would easily equal that of the iPhone 4 demonstration, if not better.

rage android 1

All of this is possible thanks to id Software’s new visual game engine, id Tech 5. The game itself will not be small in size either, as the iPhone version will require a couple hundred megabytes of storage space. Considering this, if Rage does make its way to Android, then it will more than likely only be for phones with Android 2.2 or higher that support the new official Apps2SD feature.

According to John Carmack of id Software, Rage coming over to the Android platform is being considered but no final decision has been made as of yet. It would be surprising if id Software decided not to bring it to Android - Android's growth and continuously improving hardware should make the OS quite appealing to them.

Here's what we'll leave you with: imagine this game with that PSP GO-like Android phone Sony Ericsson is rumored to be developing. This combination is full of win.

Should id Software follow through with this, what would you be willing to pay for a game of this magnitude?

Source: PCWorld via DroidGamers

Andrew Huff
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  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    I'd probably pay up to $10-15. But it would have to be really playable for more than an hour to justify the price.

    • Bob Lee Swagger

      What about playing it on our Evos in 30 FPS?

      • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

        $5-$7.5? :P

    • Jon Garrett

      One year and 4 days later., where is it?

  • ari-free

    Android needs more real games such as this.

  • Alex

    Something tells me they probably won't since they yanked the unofficial doom and quake games from the android market and never added official versions. ID Software does not seem to like Android too much.

  • cortexa100

    ID software should give android a try as the o/s market share is rising fast. best to jump on the android wave early. I buy a lot of gameloft titles from the wap store. ID software should create one that way you gain sales.

  • Angry Kid

    Yet more empty promises of games that never come. Still waiting on infinity blade, rock band, Rage HD, and so so many other small releases.

    Apple dominate the market with exclusivity contracts and they copyright every bit of hardware/software they can get their hands on JUST to stop other companies being able to use the tech. Fuck you apple...