droid 2 keyboard

That was quick. Just two days after the release of the Droid 2, its multi-touch keyboard has already been ported to other devices, first the Droid Incredible and now the Droid, Nexus One, EVO, and Desire, though they only work on certain ROMs.

An easy method (done through your recovery) is already available, and the two reported bugs have already been fixed up; voice input is also working correctly now. If you want to try it out, download it here and flash it. Be sure to report whether it works on your ROM: below are the ROMs it has been confirmed to be working on.

Confirmed working on:
CM6 Nightlies/Tests (inc)
jdfroyo v1.9 (inc)
Skyraider 2.? (inc)
8/1 froyo leak (inc)
aiccucs 4.2 (inc)
CM6 (evo)
Bugless Beast 4 (moto droid)
Ultimate Droid Extreme Froyo 6.00 (moto droid?)
CM6 (nexus 1)
modaco r21 (nexus 1)
DeFrost 2.6a (desire)

droid 2 keyboard

Source: XDA Developers

  • samuel

    So far easy method seems to be working great on my non-rooted EVO 2.2.......

  • Richard

    Does not seem to work on Droid 1. All I get are force close dialogues until I turn original keyboard back on. This is rooted Droid w/froyo frg01b.

  • Bartley Darraugh

    Works great on the droid 1, rooted and over clocked running CM6 RC2. Typing on it right now.

    • Bartley Darraugh

      Okay, it's great but not perfect. Some how it screws up the physical keyboard when using the alt and shift keys.