We don't have a whole lot of info on this, but apparently Clockwork Recovery (a custom recovery image) has been loaded onto the DROID X. This could imply custom ROMs based specifically on Motorola's ROM may be finding their way to the DROID X. Also, this means if your phone "softbricks" (ie, bootloader not corrupted), you can makes a nandroid backup, and then restore it.


To be clear, this doesn't mean the DROID X has been unlocked, nor has the encrypted bootloader been circumvented, it just potentially allows flashing custom software to the system partition (ROM).

Source: @koush

David Ruddock
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  • Screw motorola

    David, the recovery image is being booted from userland Android. If Android were messed up on the phone, the chances of getting into recovery are lessened. Sorry to burst the enthusiasm.

    • David Ruddock

      Screw motorola,

      Yeah, we were informed of this; that it's a "fake" recovery. But, from what's being said, it could lead to customized ROMs based on Moto's DROID X ROM. But yeah, it's not quite as exciting as a real recovery image, of course.

      • Screw motorola

        Yeah, this "recovery" boots from /boot, so if you softbrick the phone, you have to SBF it back to stock or somehow utilize the stock recovery. It can flash the phone but there is still the problem of not being able to modify (parts of?? [I'm unsure if it's all of or parts of]) boot (ie, kernels, etc)