HTC just tweeted that EVO 4G users who downloaded the unofficial Froyo build but for whatever inexplicable reason have not yet manually upgraded to the official build will be getting it via an OTA update, starting today. I appreciate HTC’s dedication here, but I think this probably the smallest target device group for an OTA ever.

If you’re still on the unofficial version and can’t wait for the OTA update, you can download it directly here (read the instructions in this thread). It does require a little work (you need a PC and a USB cable), but isn’t by any means difficult. It is the same update package HTC is providing OTA.

And for you developer types, the source for the official EVO 4G 2.2 update (version 2.6.32) is now available for download direct from HTC.

Source: @HTC

David Ruddock
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  • razceslup

    Are you sure this is the same install as the .3-.6 leak? That one required a pc/usb, duct tape and chicken wire so wasn't really OTA. It also required a full wipe of the phone which is why I skipped it. If this OTA will wipe my phone I don't really wan't it either, but don't know if HTC would do that.

  • drnoi

    The OTA .3 to .6 does not wipe your data. It worked for me. Just hit the HTC software update button. Updated without a problem.

  • Richard M

    My Evo updated to .6 from .3 with no problems. ~ However, the 4G on my wife’s Official .6 Evo OTA update (August 3) connects, but the DL'd .3 & this Fix .6 OTA update (August 10) connects for about a second then drops the connection. We had No Problems connecting at home in the 'burbs prior to any 2.2 updates, but neither phone can now connect at home. Currently only her official update can keep a connection to 4G even when phones are next to each other, and we’re in Dallas where coverage used to be awesome.

  • razceslup

    Ok, my .3-.6 OTA notice popped up and I upgraded. Surprised me when the download finished in about 10 seconds (~5Mb). Definitely not the same as the 180Mb+ leak-upgrade which sounds like it was more of a clean install. Whole thing took about 3 minutes to finish. Everything (+4G) still works fine but I'm near downtown Dallas where coverage is good.

  • Marcel v.

    I did the 2.2 or the .6 upgrade and was wondering if its rootable for custom roms. I read somewhere that it hasn't been rooted yet for custom but there is a stock root available.

    Thanks in advance.