Looking for an easy way to root your Android Device? Universal Androot may just be what the doctor ordered. The one-click root fad seems to be catching on and Universal Androot is an app that covers multiple Android devices, making it easier for those who may be reluctant experience the mighty wonders of root.


Universal Androot is the simplest root/unroot method I have seen to date and probably the safest - it has been confirmed as working by multiple users (apparently it uses the same exploit used to 1-click root the Motorola Droid X).

Note: This application just gives you root and does not unlock the /system partition or the boot loader on those devices that have them locked, such as the Droid X.

This means it will let you run apps that require root access. It may not necessarily allow flashing of custom ROMs or deleting preinstalled apps.

You can find more about rooting here: Rooting Explained + Top 5 Benefits Of Rooting Your Android Phone and custom ROMs here: Custom ROMs For Android Explained And Why You Want Them.

To see if this method works on your phone, check the list below or simply try it out - if it doesn't work, nothing bad should happen (though don't blame us if your phone explodes). Pick which version of Android your device is running and click the Root or UnRoot buttons.

If you have already rooted your device via bootloader unlock, the UnRoot function will not re-lock your bootloader or unroot your device.

List of Supported Devices

The following devices are listed as supported by the article author:

  • Google Nexus One (2.2)
  • HTC Hero (2.1)
  • HTC Magic (1.5)
  • Dell Streak (2.1)
  • Motorola Milestone (2.1)
  • Motorola XT701
  • Motorola XT800 (2.1)
  • Motorola ME511
  • Sony Ericsson X10 (1.6)
  • Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro (1.6)
  • Acer Liquid (2.1)
  • Vibo A688 (1.6)

This is by far not a full list, and we've been able to also confirm from various comments:

  • Droid X
  • Droid 1
  • G1
  • MyTouch 3G

These are the devices listed as not currently supported:

  • Samsung i9000 (Galaxy S)
  • Samsung i6500U
  • HuaWei U8220
  • HTC Desire / Legend / Wildfire

Steps To Install

  1. Download the latest version of the program from this xda post to your computer.
  2. Copy the file to your SD card.
  3. Find and install it with your file browser of choice (I choose Android Mate in the market, or you can use Astro). Don't forget that this ability is only enabled if you check the Settings > Applications > Unknown sources option.
  4. Root root root!
  5. Check whether you have root or not by downloading one of these apps.

If you experience problems, hit up the xda forum post and post your question there.

Note: this is a guest post by Jason Rossicoe, one of Android Police job applicants, edited by Artem.

Source: 23corner.com via xda-developers; image credit: mobiputing.com

Artem Russakovskii
Artem is a die-hard Android fan, passionate tech blogger, obsessive-compulsive editor, bug hunting programmer, and the founder of Android Police.
Most of the time, you will find Artem either hacking away at code or thinking of the next 15 blog posts.

  • eoin31

    doesn't work motorola milestone 2.1

    cant see any paid apps in the market

    • rogerio

      It worked for me using version 1.6. Rooting your device doesnt mean you will be able to see paid apps on market. You have to install other app that will allow you to select another country and only then you will be able to see país apps on market. This app is the one that needs root access.

  • Happyguy20

    does not work on droid 1 with 2.2 frg22

  • pepo

    EVO, Anytime soon???

    • Ron

      Shar did you do to fix the problem?

  • james

    when i turn it off and back on holding the home button i get a phone thats has a red triangle what do i do

    • x

      simple answer The same when you turn on your computer and press f5 f12

  • http://webinity.tumblr.com Simon

    Hope it will not take long for the app to be working with the HTC Desire.

  • M. Verro

    Cant wait to root my mytouch slide finally rooted the original mytouch the gold card method is rediculous LOL

    • http://www.EssayBeats.com Essay Beats

      I'm thinking about trying it on the mytouch slide but I first want to see if someone has confirmed it working on the mytouch 3g slide

      • Lone Wolf

        it works on mine with firmware ver. 2.1 update-1

        • http://www.essaybeats.com essay beats

          @Lone Wolf - Were you able to install a custom rom afterwards? Also, did you install superuser???

  • nick

    Anyone tried this with the Moto Droid running Froyo 2.2 FRG01B?

    • alex

      It worked for me... what about the Eris?

      • B

        works perfect on eris running 2.1 getting the incredible tomorrow and can't wait to root it

  • stephen

    does anyone know if this works with the droid 2?

  • Connor

    root access has yet to be aquired for the Droid 2.

  • robts92

    anyone know if this works on the droid incredible running stock 2.2??

  • jeff

    Worked flawlessly on my original G1. Finally can do some wifi tethering.

  • Adam

    very easy on the nexus one - worked great.

  • Cov3nant

    Doesn't work on N1. I installed ShootMe and it says I need my device rooted first.

  • Dean

    This stopped working with the New Update to the Phone a few weeks ago... Does anyone know if there is going to be a update to get it to work. I really liked this app
    Phone= Driod

  • Joe

    When will this work for the Droid 1 runing FRG22D?

  • MicroDOC

    Doesn't work on the DX with OTA 2.2 yet. Hopefully soon...

  • RezLos

    i have a my touch 3g slide how can i do it for that is there an app i can just do the one click root or something?

    • Jefe

      It works great with the slide but... do not install superuser and select soft root. Still gives you access to alot but it does not unlock the bootloader to flash a new rom.
      Full root fails or can cause a boot loop and if you install supersuser doing soft root it likes to fail.
      I use soft root with barnicle wifi and cachemate just fine. Good luck.

      • http://www.EssayBeats.com Essay Beats

        Ok i'm a bit confused.

        You stated it works with the slide but you recommend NOT TO INSTALL SUPERUSER?

        Do you recommend we use soft root instead?

        I'm confused because then you stated that full root fails or can cause a boot loop if you install super user...and doing SOFT ROOT anyway it still likes to fail.

        When you say "i use soft root with barnicle wifi and chachemate" is that a setting to choose from using this method?

  • takehull

    Works for the Samsung Intercept.

    • http://cghbgyufxtdb josh

      i have the intercept did it really work for your intercept?

  • Juan

    its work on the droid BUT w the milestone 2.1 sbf installed.. not with the android 2.2 for droid :-( fix it!!!

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/2010/08/10/universal-androot-app-offers-one-click-root-on-a-multitude-of-devices-g1-nexus-one-droid-droid-x-hero-x10-streak-and-more/ purlivin

    Doesn't work on my Droid. I am running very 2.2 frg22d build. Does anyone know of another easy root app?

  • yogibimbi

    I installed it 1 month ago on my SE Xperia X10 mini on top of Android 1.6. However, since I switched it on (and then off again) I have been unable to install apps from the Market. It always goes like "App xyz, Download was unsuccessful, please try again." I already uninstalled the androot once, no result. But the suspicion that I am having is, that the Market app updated automatically during the 15 minutes that I had root access activated, since there was a Market update due around that time, and my Market app has looked a bit different ever since then. Could it be, that, due to the switched-on androot during time of install, the Market update got installed as owned by user root, and I cannot run it anymore, because in all other dealings with my phone I am a normal user?
    Unfortunately I do not have a terminal on my phone yet and now I cannot download one through the market. I'll be looking for a terminal.apn now, but maybe somebody knows where I can find one. And would it make sense, that a chown could get the Market back? Well, first I'd do a ls -l to check the user....

    • yogibimbi

      ok, I eventually got a com.android.vending.apk, and when I opened it, archos offered to simply uninstall the market I had currently on my machine and revert to the stock market (which, I guess, comes from the rom, so my theory with a new market app seems sound, although the odds for a Market update during those 15 minutes I was root were pretty gigantic - I guess, Murphy was bored), which did the trick. So it really looks like there was a new market app and that was somehow flawed. Go figure. I also tried a Terminal emulator, but I couldn't cd into any of those directories owned by root (which was pretty much every single one in /), so I couldn't verify my ownership hypothesis. Anyway, it runs now, and the question now is, do I go all the way and install Android 2.1 or do I wait for the update from SE to come to Portugal? It is said to have been rolled out starting Sunday, but Scandinavian countries get it first:-S And, last time I checked, Portugal was decidedly un-Scandinavian....

  • Brian

    Did not work for MyTouch 3G Slide on December 8, 2010. No big deal. Doesn't appear to have hurt the phone.

  • Meh

    does it leave the phone normal or delete everything like a factory reset?

  • Scorzelli

    Not work on Motorola i1 android 1.5

  • Susan

    Has anyone tried it on LG Vortex?
    Software name: LG_VS660ZV6_ZV7
    Code: 200

  • Shawn

    didnt work for my motorola i1 Android 1.5 . Any idea how to make it work ?

  • j

    i have the intercept did it really work for your intercept??

  • blah

    Is there any other simple way of rooting my Sony Ericsson X10i android 2.3

  • anonymous

    can i root my htc explorer using this?

  • mpouwelse

    I have a Telstra ZTE T3020. It came with a 2gb sd card. I successfully rooted it, partitioned card to around 500mb ext2 and rest as fat32. No problem. I have now upgraded the card to a 32gb sd (the phone does support this). However, it will only see the full 32 gb sd when it's formatted as fat32 and NOT partitioned. As soon as I create ext2 partition of 500mb and have remainder as fat32, the phone reports "damaged sd card". It will happily format it, which deletes the ext2 partition for a full 32gb fat32, andI'm back to square 1. If I create 500mb ext2 and 4gb as either fat32 or 16, and leave the rest undefined, it works, but the phone only sees the 4gb fat32/16 partition as 2gb (at least as far as size reporting goes). If I then format the remaining undefined space as fat32, the phone can still see the 4gb fat32 as 2gb, but cannot find the 2nd fat32 partition at all, even using the file browser on the phone. Where does the problem lie? Would it be the harware, Android software, or Androot? Thanks in advance for any ideas or solutions. Mike P.

  • tws522

    will not work on kyocera hydro c5170 ice creme sandwich boost mobile service waterproof phone.

  • outrage

    Root LG MS770

  • jdjsjsussi

    How about my tab 3

  • BeccaMN

    Does it work with kindle fire hdx?

  • Clayton Thomas

    Motorola Moto G (All generations) are incompatible with this method - please keep updating this list it's great that you do!